Wolinski National Park

The special features of the park are: the most beautiful stretch of the Polish cliff coast, the unique island-like delta of the Swina River, as well as the coastal strip of Baltic waters. The symbol of the park is a white-tailed eagle which can be seen next to the park’s nature museum.

Basic information
10937 ha
Date of creation:
The symbol of the park:
White-tailed Eagle

Almost the whole area of the park is covered by forest, mostly mixed forest with beech, oak and pine trees. WNP introduces us to the world of plentiful plant and animal species. Ornithologists have recorded as many as 200 species of waterfowl, wetland birds, forest birds and meadow birds. There are ten-odd European bisons in the park’s display reserve, some of which were born in the reserve. The number of vascular plants is estimated at 1300 species. The park has a very well-developed tourist infrastructure: The Education and Museum Center at the Park’s offices in Miedzyzdroje, the European Bison display (approx. 1.5 km to the east of Miedzyzdroje), 4 scenic viewpoints, 3 rest areas and a network of walking trails and didactic trails (approx. 50 km in total length).