Tatrzanski National Park

On the Polish side, the park surrounds and protects the whole Tatra massif with its highest peak, Mount Rysy (2,499 meters above sea level), and is the only region of an Alpine character in Poland. The jagged granite ridges and forested slopes, post-glacial depressions, mountain lakes, numerous caves and scenic valleys with rushing mountain streams create one of the most beautiful landscapes in Poland.

Basic information
21 164 ha
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Spruce forests mixed with fir, larch, beech and sycamore dominate the foothills (up to 1,200 meters above sea level). The Highlands (up to 1,550 meters above sea level) are covered with spruce with a few stone pine stands. Dwarf pines (up to 1,800 meters above sea level) give way to Alpine meadows and pastures, but over 2,300 meters above sea level crags and peaks dominate. The flora of the Tatra Range abounds in indigenous and Alpine plants and Alpine mammals such as marmot and chamois. They also boast a small population of bears. The Tatra Range is one of Poland’s last refuges of the golden eagle. The park has been recorded on the UNESCO list of World Biosphere Reserves.