Gory Stołowe National Park

The Stołowe Mountains National Park was created on September 16th, 1993. It is situated in the middle Sudeten, in the Kłodzko region on the Polish-Czech border. The Stołowe Mountains National Park covers the area of 63 km2 (24 mi2). Among the tourist attractions, there are two major massifs. At 919 m (3,015 ft), the Szczeliniec Wielki is the highest peak and holds the fantastic rock maze. The second highest peak at 915 m (3,002 ft), Skalniak is home to the Błędne Skały (Errant Rocks) labyrinth. Near the park there are several popular health resorts: Polanica Zdrój, Duszniki Zdrój, Kudowa Zdrój.

Basic information
6 340,4 ha
Date of creation:
The symbol of the park:
Great crevice

The Stołowe Mountains, in English known as the Table Mountains, are the only example in Poland of mountains built of horizontally laid rocky layers. The more rigid slab serves as the foundation, while others, less resistant to erosion, lie above.  These rocks, called joint sandstones, interlaid with marls, were created in the sediments of the sea, which over 100 million years ago reached this region. For 7 million years, wind, water, and weather conditions sculpted these natural formations into fantastic shapes resembling animals, people, mushrooms, and buildings. Some of these notable rock formations are Kwoka („Hen”), Wielbłąd („Camel”), Małpa („Monkey”), Głowa Konia („Horse Head”), Fotel Pradziada („Great Grandfather’s Armchair”).

A series of gorges, crevices, small caves, and mushroom rocks sculpted by erosion create unexpected scenic vistas. The slopes and foothills of the plateau contain spruce and beech forests, while the high moors are covered with marsh plants growing in protected areas on the flat, table-like tops of the mountains.

The natural appeal and allure of the Stołowe Mountains were highly praised by the visiting German poet von Goethe. The sixth President of the United States, John Quincy Adams, hailed the region in his memoirs. Most recently, a scene from The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian was shot on location at the Errant Rocks formation of the park.