Drawa National Park

Its area covers 11,019 hectares, 83% of which are forest areas (9119 hectares). The diversified landscape was formed during the socalled Baltic glaciation period. Its remainders are the elevations of an end moraine, ravines, erratic boulders, ribbon lakes, water ponds and peat bogs. The three biggest and deepest lakes out of 48 big lakes located in this area, are: Lake Drawsko, Lake Siecino and Lake Komorze. Lobelia lakes, very valuable in respect of nature, can be found here. They are characterized by perfectly clean water and relic postglacial plant species. In the park, 700 species of vascular plants can be found, along with 151 bird species and many protected fish and plant species.

Basic information
11 535,66 ha
Date of creation:
The symbol of the park:
European otter