Poland weather – everything you need to know about Polish climate


Generally there are four seasons in Poland – spring, summer, autumn and winter, although some people distinguish two additional seasons, described as early spring and early winter. Spring begins in March, bringing sunny days and, sometimes, rain and light frost, with daily temperatures ranging from 5 deg. C to 15 deg. C. The summertime can be really hot, with temperatures around 20-25. it begins in late May / June and lasts until the end of August. During the autumn the weather is often changeable – you are likely to enjoy moderately warm temperatures from September to October, while November brings rains and lower temperatures. In winter days become visibly shorter. It is cold and cloudy and brings frequent snowstorms and relatively low total precipitation. The average temperature in January is about -4’C but it can fall as low as -35’C. 


The temperatures in Poland are determined by seasons and the geographical location, depending on height above sea level and distance from the Baltic Sea. The proximity of the sea can make the temperatures in summer lower than elsewhere in the country. The warmest areas in Poland are the Silesian Lowland and Sandomierska Upland, while the coldest spot is in the north-eastern edge of the country in Suwalki. The average annual temperature is about 6-8 degrees Celsius with the rainfall estimated at 700 mm.

The hottest month is July with the average temperature standing at 17.5 deg. C (63.5 F). The coolest area in July is the mountains, where the air temperature drops as the altitude increases (on average by 0.6 deg. C [33 F] for every 100 meters).  The hottest area is central Poland, with the temperatures exceeding 18 deg. C (64.5 F).

Hot days, when the temperature exceeds 28 deg. C (82 F) and over, occur from May to September. Their number increases the further you go from the sea. On average, there are only five such days at the Rozewie Cape and over 40 in the Sandomierz Basin and Lublin Upland.

Best time to visit

The best times to visit Poland are May-June and September-October, when it is still warm and the number of tourists is lower. It is when you can enjoy the best hiking conditions and explore some of Poland’s most amazing places. As regards clothes to wear, lightweights are recommended in summer months while medium to heavy weights are advised in winter. Waterproofing is necessary throughout the year.