Coming with dog to Poland – Practical guide for dog owners

Official entry requirements

According to Poland pet import rules and requirements, when travelling with a dog to Poland from anther EU country your pet will need:

  • A microchip that complies with ISO Standard 11784 or Annex A to ISO standard 11785.
  • Rabies vaccination and Certificate
  • EU Health Certificate
  • USDA Endorsement for the following referenced forms: Microchip Implantation Record, Rabies Certificate, Vet Letter, EU Vet Health Certificate,
  • International Health Certificate

Banned breeds

There are some strict regulations over dog types not allowed into Poland. Penalties may incur, so owners of the following breeds must be aware: American Pitt Bull Terrier, Ca de Bou, American Bulldog, Argentine Mastiff, Perro de Presa Canario, Tosa Inu, Rottweiler, AkbashDog, The Anatolian shepherd dog, Moscow Guard Dog and The Caucasian Shepherd Dog.

Dogs on trains and city buses

Dogs are generally welcome on trains and city buses as long as there is enough space and they are not put on the seat. They need a muzzle and must be put on a lead. The owner must have the dog under control at all times and be ready to show the dog’s Health Certificate.

On the plane

If your dog is neither very small (between 5-10 kg) nor an assistance dog, he will have to travel in the cargo hold. As this can be stressful, provide him with a transport box that is well ventilated and large enough for the dog to lie down, stand and turn around. Low-cost airlines do not allow any dogs other than assistant dogs on their planes.

In a car

It is good to provide the dog with some training before the car ride to get him used to the feeling. A dog is safest in a secured transport box in the back of the car or on the back seat with a seat belt. Try not to leave the dog alone in the car in summer as the temperature may be dangerous for him. If this is necessary to leave him for a few minutes make sure to park in the shade and keep two or more windows ajar.

The essentials to take

  • All necessary documentation
  • Medication for travel sickness
  • Seat belt clip for car travel
  • Temporary ID tag
  • Bowl for water
  • Dog food
  • Bags to clean up after your dog