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There is a wide range of ferry tickets available. With regular tickets we have a choice of reduced prices for tickets for children, young people, families, seniors, organized groups and others, depending on the ship-owner. You can also buy tickets with a return open date and choose your own time. With an open ticket you should confirm your date at least 7 days before sailing. A supplement, established by the shipping company, is charged for this type of ticket.

Approximate ticket prices

Usually prices of tickets, some of them including harbour charges, are given in foreign currency (Euro or dollars). The lowest priced ticket without a reserved cabin, costs from PLN 130 to PLN 650 depending on the country you are planning to go to and the shipping company you choose. The price of the voyage between Poland and Scandinavian countries ranges from PLN 170 to PLN 400 per person. Shipping companies connecting Poland and the countries of Western Europe (mostly Great Britain and Ireland) have ticket prices in the region of 650 zloty.

Bookings and car transport on ferries

To book a ticket you need to fill out a form. People traveling by car must include the make and the car registration number. There is a supplementary charge established by the shipping company for cars.

Ferries to Poland

Taking a boat to travel to other countries, including Poland, has become less popular when compared to previous years. This is the result of changing traveling trends and very attractive airline price offers. Many people, however, still choose to go by sea, mostly because of the wonderful experience and adventure such a voyage can bring.

Ferry services

Tourists wanting to go to Poland by sea can take advantage of various promotional and low tariffs when buying tickets. They are also lured by the luxurious ferries and friendly service, comfortable interiors and the wide choice of on-board attractions. The possibility of purchasing goods at duty-free shops is an additional benefit of crossings by ferry.

Voyage to Poland

The most popular passenger sea routes connect Poland with the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. The length of the voyage depends not only on the distance but also on the ship-owner. As a rule a sea crossing lasts from one to two days.
Poland has direct connections with the cities of Ystad, Stockholm, Karlskrona, Kopenhaga, Nynäshamn and Rønne. These links are very attractive for Scandinavian tourist with cars or on motorbikes or simply for travelers who want to spend an excellent weekend in one of the Polish resorts by the Baltic Sea.


The main ports in Poland are Gdańsk, Gdynia, Szczecin and Świnoujście. Apart from these important ports there are also numerous marinas for yachting enthusiasts to call at.

The main ports

The Port of Gdańsk is the largest Polish port. It is divided into two major parts: the first part is the Internal Port, the second – the North Port. Visitors to Gdańsk arrive at the modern terminal and the connection with the city centre of Gdańsk is established by a comprehensive network of public bus lines.

The Port of Gdynia is easily accessible from the sea as well as from the city owing to favourable transport connections. Similar to the Port of Gdańsk, the Port of Gdynia is open for commuter ships as well.

The Port of Szczecin has been, for some time now, in close cooperation with the Port of Świnoujście. There has been an extensive communication link created between these two cities, which is very convenient for tourists.

What are marinas and what do they offer?

Yachts can call at marinas which are ports for yachts, sailing boats and other small watercraft. The marinas are well-located as they are mostly situated in the vicinity of city centres. Apart from the largest and the most popular marinas in Poland, in the main port cities, there are marinas situated in smaller towns and harbours, such as Kołobrzeg, Ustka, Darłowo, Łeba and others. They are fully-equipped with electricity, lighting, water and sanitary facilities that yachtsmen (and yachtswomen) can make use of.

How to get from the city centre to the port?

Getting to the ports is not particularly difficult as the way is well indicated. Just follow the ship-owner logo signs. Ship-owners also organise bus services with their own buses from bus or railway stations to the port.

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