Wieniec-Zdroj is a spa village which is part of the administrative municipality of Brzesc Kujawski, in Wloclawek County and one of only 3 spa resorts in the Kujavian-Pomeranian Province. It has the characteristic of a lowland spa resort with a mildly stimulating climate which is influenced by the dense, predominantly pine, forests that surround it. These conditions have a generally positive effect on the body and increasing its overall immunity. The development of the resort can be directly linked to geological surveys that were carried out which confirmed the presence of natural mineral waters.

The founder of the spa resort can be considered to be the engineer Stanislaw Smolka. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries the sources of mineral water rich in sulphur and calcium were discovered on the lands belonged to Baron Leopold Kronenberg. Despite the significant mineral values of these springs the Baron refused to grant permission for a health resort to be built on his estate. Only the residents of the neighbouring towns could benefit from their therapeutic effect. Favourable conditions were created after the end of the First World War to develop health resorts generally. It was then that Stanislaw Smolka turned again to Leopold Kronenberg with the proposed creation of a spa village. After being turned down again he approached the State Forestry Department for permission to begin drilling and research and to ultimately lease a 7 hectare plot of land adjacent to the Baron’s estate to build a sanatorium in the future. The first bore-hole were drilled on 4 May 1922 and upon reaching a depth of 120m, began to gush water that was rich in sulphates, sodium and chlorides. This drilling also led to the discovery of rich deposits of therapeutic mud. Up to this point it all the work was done by a group of enthusiastic individuals, people with passion and material resources who were read to invest in this project, which resulted in the formation of a company on 19 April 1923. Stanislaw Smolka invested his entire fortune in this project which he unfortunately never recovered due to the collapse of the global economy between 1929 and 1933. It is thanks to this man, his passion, dedication and tremendous commitment to the idea of build a spa resort that Wieniec-Zdroj owes its existence. Further investments on a larger scale however only occurred in the early 1960’s.

Wieniec-Zdroj specialises in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders and diseases of the digestive tract. These spa treatments are all supported by education in health measures. Visitors to the spa learn how to sustain the effects of medical treatments even after concluding their restorative stay at the spa. All treatments, including Balneological, are carried out at the Natural Medicine Centre. Drinking the natural mineral water has a therapeutic effect on any inflammation of the stomach and intestine, diseases of the bile tract and any metabolic disorders including obesity and diabetes.

ithin the resort there are 2 hospitals, 5 sanatoriums, one clinic with 3 counselling rooms, a Natural Medicine Centre with a pump and tap room and a nursing care facility. There is also a Church of the Mercy of God from 2009, a house and chapel of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent a Paulo, a Spa Park for 1923 and a pump room and plant for bottling „Wieniecka Spring” mineral water. In the neighbouring village of Wieniec-Zalesie there is a natural monument, the Oak of Sister Amelia and a golf course.