Solec-Zdroj is a spa village that is part of the administrative district of Busko which is in Swietokrzyskie Province. With just over 1000 permanent inhabitants, this lowland characteristic spa resort lies on the edges of the Lesser Poland Uplands and the Sandomierz Basin and along the banks of the Rzoska River. It also lies about 17km to the east of Busko-Zdroj. It has a lowland climate which is mildly stimulating and moderated by the surrounding pine forests that are adjacent to the resort. The active elements of the Solec-Zdroj spa are the natural spring waters that are found here which have high levels of chlorides, iodine, sodium, bromides and sulphides, the therapeutic mud and, of course, the local climate.

The name of the village originates from the occurrence of salt springs in the nearby meadows and the existence of the village has been confirmed to the first half of the 14th century. By the middle of the 15th century the village was owned by Jan Feliks Tarnowski and the Solec Parish was made up of six villages. However in 1508, Solec and the adjacent village of Zborow passed into the possession of the Zborowski family. History of the Solec-Zdroj spa can be said to begin in the early years of the 19th century with the discovery of salt-rich sources of springs in 1815. The conducted exploratory research on the mineral and brine deposits in the area of Solec were part of larger research that was being carried throughout the region. The first treatment facilities were built by Karol Goddefroy, who acquired the basic knowledge about spa resorts from his stay in Busko, after the discovery of the healing properties of the waters. The Solec-Zdroj resort was entered on the official Spa Register in 1837 and the attributed status confirmed the therapeutic values of the resort and also raised its importance. Apart from the treatment facilities the supporting infrastructure was also developed with the addition of hotels, a ballroom which also was also used for social gatherings, the foundations of a Spa Park and a café. This steady expansion continued till the outbreak of World War II when certain buildings were damaged by the military units and auxiliary staff that was stationed here which were part of the „Baudienst” Service (a forced labour camp). Immediately after the war the resort was combined to form the Busko-Solec Spa by order of the state but the heirs of the rightful owners, the Daniewski and the Dzianott families, regained ownership rights in 2000.
Today the spa at Solec-Zdroj continues the tradition of treating and welcoming guests in both renovated and modern fully-equipped facilities. The undeniable advantage of this resort is its intimacy. In the peaceful atmosphere and surrounded by the soothing interaction with nature patients return to full fitness easily and more efficiently. The ideal conditions for rest and relaxation can be found here. For the more active there are numerous walking and cycling trails and also a variety of water sports on the waters of a nearby reservoir. Solec-Zdroj is also the starting point of the red tourist hiking trail leading to Busko-Zdroj while the green tourist hiking trail from Wislica to Grochowiska passes through the village.

The most precious natural resource and the basis of many of the treatments are the waters that are found here. The sulphur rich water is the most powerful therapeutic water in Poland and one of the best in Europe. This reputation is due not only to the concentration of sulphur ions but also because of its high mineralisation. It has a high medicinal value and is used in the treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders, cardiovascular, skin and respiratory diseases as well as to combat heavy metal poisoning.

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