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Krakow Christmast market at night from drone
Throughout December, Polish cities celebrate Christmas with open-air markets and live entertainment.
winter in Warsaw, ice skating rink
An absolute winter must-do in Warsaw is a scenic walk along the illuminated streets of the UNESCO Heritage-listed Old Town.
Red and whie cotillion
Poland regained its independence precisely 104 years ago.
Warsaw Royal Castle
No vacation in Poland is complete without visiting a castle or a palace, and Poland is the perfect place to cross this off your list.
lit candles
At the end of Fall, Poland marks one of the most significant and solemn religious holidays, All Saints' Day.
musicians on stage
We cordially invite the Polish American community and Poles from Chicago and the surrounding areas to the multimedia concert shows "Saint of Wadowice - John Paul II," which will take place on October 21-23.
Poland’s spookiest places…we dare you to visit!
Ghosts, goblins and things that go bump in the night. Why is it that horror movies and haunted sites appeal to us? Even though we might be scared out of our wits, there's something that draws us to the dark side! ?
white palace
Historic Hotels of Europe awarded Komierowo Palace the winning place in the category of New Entry Historic Hotel 2022.
Black and white image of a group of men
Close to 9 million Americans say that they have Polish heritage. More and more are discovering their roots by travelling to Poland to experience the Baltic Sea, Tatra Mountains, and everything in between.
The Magic of Zakopane
Traditionally, many visitors to Poland head for the bright lights of the big cities but this little gem has become a star attraction. Even some of the locals are surprised by the surge in popularity but we’re not. It’s a wonderful...
Step into a winter wonderland at a Polish Christmas Market
There’s nothing like a trip to an authentic Polish Christmas Market to bring on the festive mood and there are several to choose from – each offering traditional hospitality and plenty of seasonal cheer to get the season off to a...
Poznan town hall tower with goats
Poznań is the picturesque capital of Wielkopolska province and a significant economic, commercial, scientific, cultural, and tourism hub in Western Poland.
Try coffee in captivating places in Poland “...and she knows secret ways of preparing the drinkwhich is black as coal, transparent as amber,fragrant as mocha, and thick as honey...” This quote from Pan Tadeusz, an epic poem written...
tree lined avenue in autumn with colorful leaves on the ground
This year, Fall in Poland begins on September 22nd and ends on December 21st. Autumn is probably one of the most eventful seasons in Poland. Fall in Poland begins on September 22nd and ends on December 21st. Autumn is probably one of...
A hotel close to the beach
Pristine sand, clean water, beach bars, volleyball, barbecues, and paddleboarding on the Baltic Rivera.
Warsaw Rising 1944
At the first yelp of the air ride siren, Warsaw will stand still for a minute to mark the 78th Anniversary of the Warsaw Rising.
Family Time in Warsaw
A family day trip to Warsaw can sure be a bunch of fun. The range of possible activities is extensive, entertaining, and age-appropriate, and even crummy weather will not put a damper on the grand family fun. 
The 79th Tour de Pologne 2022
A great sporting event begins on July 30th and lasts seven days. The fight for victory will start from the opening stage in Kielce, and the winner will be announced in Kraków.
kitesurfing - Mierzeja Helska
Go to Poland where adventure awaits! Poland is full of unique attractions, all of which can provide a host of amazing experiences. If you're looking for an interesting but safe adventure, you'll find it in different corners of our...
In 2022, the St. Dominic's Fair will observe its 762 anniversary and take place from Saturday, July 23rd to Sunday, August 14th
Knights fighting with swords
On July 15th, 1410 two largest armies of medieval Europe clashed on the fields of Grunwald. The alliance of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, led respectively by King Władysław II Jagiełło and Grand...
Do you dream of discovering more of Poland? Did your last visit to Poland leave you wanting to see more?? Do you have a desire to delve into the secrets of Polish cities? Or are you enchanted by the aura of the Baltic beaches, the...
A girl stading in a field
A farm stay is a popular and common leisure activity in Poland. It involves staying on an authentic local farm, where you can not only find a cozy place to sleep but also participate in the daily activities of farm life.
children in folk costumes on a procession
Mainly celebrated by Roman Catholics, Corpus Christi, meaning ‘the body of Christ’ in Latin, celebrates the transubstantiation of bread and wine into the actual body of Christ during Mass.
Experience a summer to remember in Poland!
When the temperatures warm up each summer, Poland comes alive as a truly remarkable destination.
The Royal Łazienki Park
Royal residences, which hark back to the times of a strong and powerful Poland, ruled by kings, have a particular importance.
Summer Chopin Concerts in Łazienki Park
The mesmerizing music of Chopin’s classic works fills the air during the annual 63rd edition of Chopin Concerts in the Royal Łazienki
Endless sandy beaches
Poland – a green country for fans of active leisure
“Silesian Flavors” Festival- a delicious journey
Each region has its culinary gems and regional specialties well worth sampling. A food tour of Poland is a beautiful and delicious journey.
Visit Poland
Traditional hospitality has always been and continues to be associated with our beautiful country, which is open to tourists.
Magical Gardens in Janowiec
Attractions for children in Poland. Poland is the perfect place to relax and unwind with your children.
Happy Easter!
Easter is one of the most joyful and meaningful religious holidays in Poland.
The Delightful Polish Spring
Spring’s warmer weather and extended daylight hours make it one of the best and favorite seasons to many of us.
Karolina Bielawska, a newly crowned Miss World 2021 is the most charming ambassador of Polish tourism!
Karolina Bielawska, a former Miss Polonia 2019 and newly crowned Miss World 2021, is the most charming and captivating ambassador of Polish tourism!
Kraków, Wawel, spring
Spring inspirations: nature and tradition 21 March marks the beginning of calendar spring. It’s a time when everything reawakens, a favourite season of the year people look forward to. It is also a good time to visit Poland and...
Lublin in winter
Lublin attracts with its fascinating history, cobbled streets, and vibrant architecture. Bursting with museums, historic buildings, traditional flavors, and exciting events, this dynamic city quickly becomes one of Poland's most...
Mazowsze is the legend of the Polish musical stage – the ensemble has been continuously present there since 1948.
„Family Travel with Collen Kelly” Poland Episode Sneak Peek
The trailer of the Poland episode is available now and the airing time should follow soon.
Jewish heritage in Poland
Poles and Jews coexisted side by side on Polish territory for seven centuries. You can still find many traces of Jewish heritage in our country, whether material, like historical architecture, or immaterial, like recurring cultural...
Niedzica castle
Anyone interested in medieval castles and Teutonic Order’s military fortifications is in for a treat with this new interactive map of gothic castles of northeastern Poland.
New Year wishes
May you have a fabulous New Year 2022 filled with great adventures, plenty of unforgettable travels which will lead you straight to Poland. Happy New Year!
christmas card
The Polish Tourism Organization wishes you a Merry Christmas and a holiday season full of peace, joy, and health as well as many unforgettable journeys in 2022.
Lodz lit up building
Łódź has been included in National Geographic Traveler’s prestigious "Best of the World 2022" list. It featured in the “Sustainability” category as a recognition of the evolution of the city. Since the turn of the century the city of...
Light Move Festival Łódź
Discover Poland’s many unique events! Famous music festivals and concerts, unique re-enactments and historical performances, incredible light shows and spectacular displays, fairs and international cultural events: all this takes...
Ksiaz castle Gardens of light
Until the end of February 2022, the enchanting Książ castle gardens will glow and glimmer for the third consecutive time thanks to meticulously designed and installed illuminated creations.
Lodz lit up building
The city of Łódź has been selected by National Geographic Traveler as one of the “Best of the World 2022” destinations.
christmas market in warsaw
A Polish-style Christmas involves a Christmas tree shimmering with colours, fragrant gingerbread, and carols. Unique presents, beautiful decorations and the wonderful aromas of Christmas dishes are just some of the attractions to be...
lit candles at night
At the end of Fall, Poland marks one of the most significant and solemn religious holidays, All Saints’ Day. On that day, Poles visit cemeteries and gather around their family graves, laying flowers and lighting candles in memory of...
Millennium Docs Against Gravity is the largest Polish film festival and the only film festival in Europe that takes place in seven different cities at once: Warsaw, Gdynia, Wrocław, Katowice, Bydgoszcz, Lublin, and Poznań, and now for...
winter in the mountains, lodge in the woods
Winter tourism is a type of niche travel that Poland is ideally situated to accommodate. Gleaming city lights and decorations beckon to explore while cozy cafes offer a warming refuge from the chill.
Chopin momument in Lazienki Park
Fryderyk Chopin is undoubtedly considered one of the world's greatest composers. No other pianist before or since has contributed as many significant works to the piano's repertoire, at the exact moment so movingly capturing music's...
Flavours of Rural Poland
Discover amazing assets of the Polish countryside The Polish countryside and Polish cuisine are a perfect pair of tourism assets that harmonise  seamlessly with the slow life and slow food trends that so many tourists look for today....
The Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko is one of the three other locations in Poland where the sculptures will be on display until October 17th, 2021. 
windmill autumn
The Golden Polish Autumn is just but a brief period between the end of September and the beginning of October. While it lasts, however, it turns Poland into a stirring and sensational mélange of colors, breathtaking vistas, and...
a woman being filmed
The PBS travel series „Family Travel with Collen Kelly,” is visiting Poland, shooting scenes for the upcoming episode.
Living History of Poland
Discover many amazing sites and historical events! Since its inception Poland has been in the centre of Europe at the junction of different cultures. That’s why when you visit, you will discover multicultural and varied traditions,...
Kurozweki palace comlex
The National Institute of Cultural Heritage has launched a new version of the ZABYTEK.PL portal. It is the only place on the Internet with a complete collection of nearly 500,000 historic buildings and constructions listed in the...
abstract painting of Lodz
What if you could feel a gentle breeze in your hair, gazing out across the picturesque panorama of rooftops, church towers, town halls and mysterious streets? Poland’s cities, both big and small, have plenty of these viewpoints,...
posters mounted on a fence
The fence surrounding the historic building of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York became a backdrop for the “Poland-ready when you are” exhibition.
Innovative Polish Museums
Museums in Poland are far from boring! It’s impossible to be bored at Polish museums. They change just as fast as the reality around us. The times of displaying nothing but objects within four walls are becoming history. Today it’s...
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