Save the date for the Re:tradycja Festival in Lublin

Lublin, historically renowned for the Jagiellonian Fair, has embarked on a strategic transformation with the introduction of the „Re:tradycja” Festival, scheduled for August 18th to 20th.

Originating from the echoes of the Jagiellonian era and Lublin’s pivotal trade routes, the festival had primarily focused on such historical elements. However, recognizing the increasing inclination towards folk traditions over the years, the organizing committee made a calculated decision to reposition the festival’s core theme.

The term „Re:tradycja”, not a mere nomenclature change, encapsulates a blend of traditional and contemporary elements. It’s worth noting that since 2016, this term was already familiar to stakeholders and attendees as the title of one of the festival’s prime concerts, where traditional music intertwined with modern art forms.

To maintain brand continuity and recognize the historical significance, the „Jagiellonian Fair” title will still have its dedicated space. It will specifically represent the folk craft fairs, a segment which allows attendees to interact with, and purchase from, traditional artisans.

The festival promises a comprehensive experience for its attendees. It will serve as a networking platform for musicians, craftsmen, and animators dedicated to the revitalization and modern interpretation of tradition. Beyond musical offerings, the event will feature a robust program, including art exhibitions, specialized workshops, film screenings, and curated performances in Lublin’s Old Town.

The Re:tradycja Festival is poised to be a harmonious blend of Lublin’s rich cultural heritage with contemporary innovations. Stakeholders, attendees, and partners can anticipate a meticulously organized event that values tradition while looking ahead to the future.