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Amadeus Restaurant


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Комментарии. Наличиеi - Restauracja Amadeus otwarta jest codziennie od 7:00 do 11:00 w porze śniadań i od 12:00 do 23:00 w porze obiadów i kolacji.
- 70-100 PLN
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- Афганская

The Amadeus Restaurant and Cafe is housed in the cellars of a restored 17th century building in the historic center of Krakow, just a few steps from the Main Square.
The establishment owes its originality and splendor to frescoes, columns and numerous paintings, complemented by stylish furniture and chairs drawing on the Italian Baroque, as well as plates with Mozart's portraits. The elegant decoration, cozy interiors, friendly and professional service will help you appreciate the quality of cuisine. Restaurant recommends international dishes, which owe their great flavor, smell and appearance to skilled chefs. Among the wide range of dishes, the most notable include lamb cutlets served on a bed of spinach cake with garlic sauce, as well as haunch of venison stuffed with snails served on a bed of groats with cep mushroom sauce. The taste of dishes is complemented by the best wines from various regions of the world. Amadeus has hosted well known artists like Mikhail Barishnikow, Jerzy Stuhr, Krzysztof Penderecki as well as numerous politicians, including the Polish President Aleksander Kwaśniewski and his wife.

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Mikołajska street 20
31-027 Kraków
провинция: MAŁOPOLSKIE
Широта и долгота: 50.061444,19.942056

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