Summer holidays – Part I

Summer holidays 2024 in Poland will be an amazing time! The wealth of attractions that await you in every region will make for a very busy itinerary. Are you looking for an active holiday, want to immerse yourself in history and culture, or maybe you prefer lazy days on the beach?

Check out our suggestions for holiday hits!

The ideas for the first eight places were arranged in alphabetical order by voivodeship name. You can find the other eight in the article: “Attractions for the summer holidays – Part II”.

Dolnośląskie: Srebrna Góra Fortress

Lower Silesia hides a lot of tourist treasures, which you can explore with pleasure during holiday trips. One of them is the Srebrna Góra Fortress, located only 82 km away from Wrocław. This year it was among the 16 new Wonders of Poland, selected in the National Geographic Traveler poll. One of the most important attractions of Lower Silesia, it is truly one-of-a-kind place in the whole of Europe. A true historical pearl for military enthusiasts and anyone who wants to experience a fascinating journey through time, the fortress complex was built in 1765-1777. Back then it was among the most modern fortifications of this type in Europe. Stretched over as much as 106 hectares, it is located on two hills towering above the Srebrna Pass: Forteczna Góra (686 m above sea level) and Ostróg (627 m above sea level). The fortress consists of a complex of bastions with a keep in the middle (it is a free-standing defense-and-residential tower in medieval castles). It has a total of 151 rooms (casemates) arranged on three floors. It was equipped with huge warehouses, wells, an armoury, a chapel, a prison, a hospital, a bakery, a brewery, craft workshops and a gunpowder magazine, which made the fort completely independent and self-sufficient. All attractions and exhibitions have been prepared in such a way as to engage visitors and take them to the times of the 18th-century heyday of the mountain fortress.

Twierdza Srebrna Góra
Srebrna Góra Fortress

Kujawsko-Pomorskie: Narrow Gauge Railway Museum in Wenecja

In a small town near Żnin there is a real treat for railway lovers. Since 1972 the locality of Wenecja, which means Venice in Polish, has been home to the largest open-air museum of narrow-gauge railways in Europethe Narrow Gauge Railway Museum. The collection consists of over 70 exhibits, with the oldest dating back to the early 19th century. These are real rolling stock, which used to carry passengers of the Żnin Powiat Railway and Bydgoszcz-Wyrzysk Commuter Railways. What exactly awaits visitors? As many as 17 steam locomotives, including 2 manual draisines, 2 diesel locomotives produced in Poznań at the turn of the 1950s and 60s, and 2 motor-powered draisines. The oldest exhibit dates back to 1899, and a significant part of the collection consists of steam locomotives from the times of World War I. There is also a variety of cargo and passenger cars. It is fair to say that every railway enthusiast should find their thrills here. In the post car there is a shop with souvenirs related to the region and narrow-gauge railway. The museum also has a rich collection of technical equipment and standard railway infrastructure, including: a waiting room, a level crossing attendant’s booth with a barrier, tracks with switches, a water crane to replenish water in locomotives’ boilers and a turntable to change the direction of travel. Among the exhibits there are also railway uniforms, former ticket punching machines and various items used during the operation of the narrow-gauge railway.

Muzeum Kolei Wąskotorowej w Wenecji
The Narrow Gauge Railway Museum in Wenecja

Lubelskie: Magic Gardens in Janowiec

For holidays full of amazing adventures, we recommend Magic Gardens in Janowiec – the only family theme park in Poland built based on an original fairy tale. Among hundreds of flowers, trees and shrubs, children will discover fabulous lands inhabited by fantastic creatures. The adventure in Janowiec begins already at the ivy-covered gate, where the youngest are greeted by friendly Mordols. And it only gets better from there on. The Wizard’s House, Fairies’ Garden, Flower Valley, Carrot Field, Dragon’s Nest and Dwarf Castle – you choose your own adventure. Tonnes of fun guaranteed by underground tunnels, slides and bridges in the crowns of trees. There’s also a choo-choo train and even… rafting. For a moment of respite, head to the beach and to the Water Land.Wodnej Krainie.

Magiczne Ogrody w Janowcu
Magic Gardens in Janowiec

Lubuskie: Muskau Arch UNESCO Global Geopark

Muskau Arch actually stands for three amazing attractions in one: the Muskau Arch Landscape Park, Muskauer Park, or Park Mużakowski, and the Muskau Arch UNESCO Global Geopark, which is the only UNESCO Global Geopark in Poland. All this you will find in the border areas between Poland and Germany. The main attraction of the Landscape Park is the 100+ multi-coloured lakes left after lignite mines. The hue of the water in these lakes depends on its chemical composition, and it shimmers with all the colours of the rainbow – from turquoise, through green, pink to blood purple. The lakes also take different forms and shapes; one of the most interesting ones resembles the outline of Africa. To see these attractions you can follow the “Former Babina Minegeotourism route by setting out in Łęknica and walking the designated trail (with detours if you wish) to the village of Nowe Czaple. The Park Mużakowski initself is very impressive. Stretching on both sides of the Lusatian Neisse (known in Poland as the Nysa Łużycka), it was founded in the first half of the 19th century by Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau. It is the largest English style park in Poland and Germany. Not only does the park impresses with its appearance, but also its area, as it occupies as much as 700 hectares. That makes it one of the most extensive European historic landscape parks. Designed as a painting painted with plants, it uses local vegetation to emphasise the idyllic nature of the landscape. The uniqueness of this place can be evidenced by the fact that it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List already in 2004. It is not just the vegetation that pleases the senses, there are also impressive buildings worth seeing in the park, including the New Castle, Lord’s Hill Viaduct, the Prince’s Bridge, the Bridge over the Gorge, and the Royal Bridge.

Geopark Łuk Mużakowa
Muskau Arch UNESCO Global Geopark

Łódzkie: Uniejów health resort

This region offers not only the post-industrial atmosphere and attractions of the once busy textile hub that is Łódź. It also has places where you can enjoy some great rest, taking care of your health and beauty. One of them is located on the Warta River between Łódź and Konin. Uniejów is one of the oldest cities in Poland, as it got its charter as early as 1290. But it is not only its history that attracts visitors to Uniejów. It has won the hearts of many tourists thanks to the healing properties of its waters. The city officially joined the group of Polish health resorts in 2012 and is considered to be the first thermal spa in Poland. This is due to the thermal water sources discovered here, the temperature of which is 68 degrees Celsius. And it is salt water, which has a lot of medicinal properties. It is used in the treatment of various chronic diseases as well as in aesthetic medicine. Visitors come to Uniejów for health, beauty and pleasant relaxation. If you’re looking for the latter, head to Termy Uniejów to find an extensive swimming pool complex, both in- and outdoor ones, including salt-water pools and special pools with attractions for adults and children. You can recharge your batteries away from the hustle and bustle of daily errands, among others, in the sauna, brine graduation tower, ice pool or snow chamber. After a nice relaxation in the thermal baths, you can take advantage of other Uniejów attractions, such as visiting the 14th-century Castle of the Archbishops of Gniezno together with the surrounding park. Another interesting place is Zagroda Młynarska (“Miller’s Homestead”), a museum and accommodation complex full of historic buildings, such as post mills, a manor house, a cottage from Skotniki, an inventory building or a reconstructed barn from Besiekiery with an exhibition of horse-drawn carriages and old tools.

Uzdrowisko Uniejów - nowe tężnie
Uniejów health resort

Małopolskie: Rafting on the Dunajec

Are you planning a summer stay in the mountains? Be sure to include rafting on the Dunajec on your agenda. This is by far one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Małopolska. Located in the heart of the Pieniny Mountains, the picturesque gorge of the Dunajec Riveroffers unforgettable views and exciting experiences. Rafting is done on board traditional wooden rafts, steered by raftsmen, the tradition of organising these water crossings going back almost 200 years. The trip starts in Sromowce Wyżne and ends in the towns of Szczawnica or Krościenko, taking under 3 hours and covering the distance of about 15 km. During this expedition you can admire the extraordinary landscapes of the Pieniński National Park – steep, limestone cliffs, lush forests and wild nature.

Spływ Dunajcem
Spływ Dunajcem

Mazowieckie: Julinek Park

Not far from Warsaw there is Julinek Park. Located just 30 km from the capital, on the grounds of the former Circus Base, in the buffer zone of the Kampinoski National Park, it guarantees a perfect combination of leisure among nature with carefree fun for the whole family. There are many attractions scattered over the area of 30 hectares. One of the main ones is the largest rope park in the region, with routes adapted to different age groups and difficulty levels, which provides great fun for the youngest climbers, older children and adults alike. There is also a host of inflatable slides and bouncy castles waiting for children, full of colourful constructions that provide hours of fun. There is also an amusement park, a climbing wall and an eco-playground. On hot summer days, you can cool down in the new Water Park zone with 5 slides, swimming pools and a spray park – with interactive toys and water cannons. The Julinek park was once a Circus Base, so you cannot miss the circus-related attractions, to be found in the special Animation Zone, which transports participants to the enchanted and joyful land of the circus. In the magical world of the Large Arena, the artists will take on the role of superheroes, pirates and even mechanics. The Arena also hosts theatre groups, bubble shows and concerts. There’s simply no way to be bored in Julinek!

Julinek Park
Julinek Park

Opolskie: Moszna Castle

Moszna Castle, located in the Opolskie Voivodeship, is one of the most charming places in Poland. With its towers and turrets, it strikes you as something taken straight out of a fairy tale. Each tower and room has its own history, and the richly decorated interiors impress not only architecture lovers. Visiting the castle is a journey through a variety of architectural styles and eras. You can admire, among others, the neo-Gothic wing, Baroque chambers and Rococo style rooms. You can stay a little longer in this fairytale world, as the castle is also a hotel. Many attractions have also been prepared for the youngest guests, including a night tour of the underground, during which you will certainly meet many ghosts, including the most important one – the White Lady.
And near the castle there is another attraction to put on your list – the Robot Factory. Designed with both the young and old in mind, it has hundreds of exhibits – faithful copies of film protagonists (the largest of them being 3.5 m tall!), and everything is made of recycled materials.

Zamek Moszna
Moszna Castle