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A&B Motel


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A&B Motel is located on Dębskie Lake, at a distance of 20 km from Poznań, 140 km from Wrocław and 120 km from Zielona Góra.

Despite the location directly on the main road, it is a quiet and secluded place, as the motel is located on the slope of the lake valley. A&B Motel offers a variety of attractions for adults and children, including barbecues and campfires, feasts on the open air, walking, fishing, or hiring water sports equipment: pedal boats, kayaks and boats. The motel specializes in organizing conferences, symposia, outdoor trainings, team building stays, corporate and family reunions, and other special events for up to 250 participants.

localization-imgСхема проезда:

Narutowicza street 2
62-060 Stęszew
Широта и долгота: 52.286996,16.7072
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