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Тип блока:
- Open all year round
- 30.00 PLN - 50.00 PLN


Кол-во мест: 44
Количество комнат: 10

The Margonin Hotel, located straight at the Margonińskie Lake, is a two-story hotel building and wooden holiday houses on a green, enclosed and illuminated area, not far from Piła.

Located straight at the lake, the Margonin Hotel offers comfortable lodging in the hotel building and in wooden holiday houses on a green, enclosed and illuminated area. Guests are offered services provided by a restaurant and a drink bar, plus a brick grill, a playground, benches under parasols and an angling platform. There is also a water equipment and mountain bikes rental. The Margonińskie Lake is included in the silence zone, which combined with the interesting history of the surrounding areas and natural values provides good conditions for recreation and relaxation.

localization-imgСхема проезда:

Spacerowa street 7
64-830 Margonin
Широта и долгота: 52.970489,17.089303

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