Śląskie Province

Śląśkie (Silesia) is a province rich in mineral and natural resources and is one of the most important industrial regions of Poland. Silesia’s largest city and historical capital is Wrocław, and the major metropolitan area is the Upper Silesian metro area with Katowice at its center. The multiethnic heritage of the region delivers deep and enriching cultural exploration of local history, tradition, and customs.

Basic information
12 333,09 km²
4 375 947 (2022)

As it happens the largest industrial area in Poland is also the one with the most expanded collection of sites saluting the local industry. Once operating mines, dating back to the 19th century, are now proud monuments to the Silesian mining spirit.

Mining facilities such as the “Guido” Coal Mine, the Queen Louise Adit and UNESCO listed Tarnowskie Góry Silver Mine have been turned into fascinating and educational underground adventures. Visitors can join a boat ride down a flooded tunnel or hop on board a narrow-gauge mining train. Most of these places can be traced on the Industrial Monuments Route.

Silesia is not just about heavy industry. The region’s impressive scenery amazes with natural beauty, historic structures, and local specialties.

Landscape parks, nature preserves, peaks, and mountain ranges are a great backdrop for active travel or a tranquil break from the everyday bustle. Marvelous residencies once belonging to prominent historical figures and families have their doors open to the public as museums, hotels, and galleries. The castle in Pszczyna or the Hochbergs hunting lodge in Promnice, are just some of the most superb and best kept historical sites in this part of Europe.

Certain notable sites in Silesia date back to the 14th century and can be explored on The Trail of the Eagles Nests. This route connects several dozen Medieval fortresses, which some, in the summer season, host festivals, shows, and concerts.

Being historically a multiethnic province, Silesian cuisine combines flavours and produce common to Austrian, Czech, German, Jewish and Polish dishes, creating a truly enjoyable and delicious culinary experience. The Culinary Route “Silesian Tastes” is a perfect guide to fully exploring rich local gastronomic tradition.

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