Olsztyn – The capital of thousand lakes

Olsztyn boasts an amazing location in the middle of wild nature. As is fitting, the capital of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Province has several lakes and a large forest complex, all within the municipality. The omnipresent greenery surrounds Gothic and Art Nouveau buildings and provides a  pleasing contrast to the  colors of  the  town. For more information please visit the official Olsztyn travel portal.

Basic information
88,33 km²
168 803 (2022)

Towering over Olsztyn is St. James’s Basilica, an impressive brick edifice, becoming the dignity of a bishop’s seat, which the town has been for over 600 years. The Basilica has amazing acoustics which one can appreciate all the more during the Olsztyn Organ Concerts. The town, which grew around a 14th century Teutonic Knights’ watchtower, has close links to the history of our great astronomer, Copernicus, who lived here for many years as a high ranking church official. His astronomical instruments are kept in the castle. Visitors can also see the Planetarium and the Astronomical Observatory.