Gardens of light for winter evenings

On dark wintry evenings escape to fairy-tale lands that are created thanks to light illumination! There are more and more of them in Poland. Combined with the atmosphere of Christmas, they create a unique tourist attraction for everyone. It is a great opportunity to plan a family winter trip around our country, taking into account this type of attractions. Would you try to visit them all? That might not be too easy to accomplish, as the number of illuminated gardens, parks and other setups this season (2023/2024) is really impressive. And some cities will have more than one!

We have collected for you several ideas for such gardens of lights, each of which is different and unique, the uniqueness depending on the ideas of the organisers. Let them become an inspiration for holiday and winter trips in Poland!

Energylandia – Garden of Lights in “Winter Kingdom” visible from space

As declared by the organisers, the largest garden of lights in Poland this winter season is being built in Energylandia in Zator. Apparently visible even from space! Heads are bound to spin. Light decorations will lead from the entrance, through all alleys and nooks! Following the illuminated paths, surrounded by magical animals and other decorations, you will be able to reach Christmas surprises prepared especially for this occasion, whether you happen to have a sweet tooth, are a sports maniac, aspiring artist or a youngster looking forward to meeting a special guest this year! And this is just one of the attractions that will be waiting for you in this largest family amusement park in Poland as part of the 2022/2023 winter season. Welcome to Winter Kingdom! Also, let’s not forget that Energylandia has tonnes of fun in store on roller coasters, merry-go-rounds and other rides, which will also be active in winter during Winter Kingdom. Going on these rides will be even more exciting, and the viewing experience will be breathtaking!

Place: Energylandia Family Amusement Park, Al. 3 Maja 2 in Zator

The Land of Light in Gubałówka – the highest illumination park in Poland

When it comes to elevation, the garden of lights located the highest in Poland is in Gubałówka (1123 m above sea level). Known as the Land of Light, it is run by the Polish Cable Railways. It is made up of thousands of LED lights. At dusk the lights arranged on the hill come on. The area turns into a spectacle of hues produced by eco-friendly LED lights – illuminated, fairy-tale sculptures that not only amuse the eye, but also refer to the tradition of the Podhale region and the Tatra Mountains. The spectator’s eye will find, among others, light sculptures depicting figures of the Highlanders, a chamois and shimmering snowflakes, as well as many other folk decorations. Add to this the impressive view of the Tatra Mountains. The Land of Light in Gubałówka can be admired every day from 4 PM during the hours of operation of the funicular.

Place: Gubałówka (the bottom station of the funicular to Gubałówka in ul. Na Gubałówkę 4 in Zakopane)

Royal Amusement: the Royal Garden of Light in Wilanów

The King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów is famous primarily as one of the most valuable monuments of Polish Baroque and a historical residence built for King Jan III Sobieski. For eleven autumn and winter seasons so far, the palace grounds and park have been visited by the inhabitants of the capital and tourists also thanks to the unique outdoor exhibition in the form of the Royal Garden of Light. This extraordinary multimedia exhibition with light installations, consisting of thousands of multi-colour LEDs arranged in sophisticated shapes, changes its theme every year. And on selected evenings the Wilanów Palace changes beyond recognition thanks to spectacular mappings on its façade. Walk through a twinkling tunnel to the sounds of classical music, get lost in an illuminated maze full of mythological creatures and riddles, admire the rose garden or reach the stars from the luminous observatory.

Place: Museum of the King Jan III’s Palace in Wilanów, ul. Stanisława Kostki Potockiego 10/16

A place of magic and mystery – Książ Castle and its Gardens of Light

The Książ castle-and-park complex consists of several buildings, garden terraces and a vast park complex (ca. 26 ha in total) and is the largest castle in Lower Silesia. This year, for the fourth time, it will come alive thanks to breath-taking illuminations, creating a magical atmosphere like in a fairy tale. Take a walk along the beautifully decorated path, referring to the history of the castle and its life. Along the way you will find characters from a princely ball, wonderful roses which Princess Daisy loved so much when she lived here, and illuminated renovated fountains. There are also knights who make up the “Medieval Prince” route. The novelty of this year’s season are the figurines of castle cats tucked away on the castle terraces. Find them by taking part in a specially designed field game. Keep your eyes open for the illuminated Golden Train! Be sure to also visit the second part of the Gardens of Light, which are located in the nearby Palm House. A whole lit-up menagerie awaits you there: turtles, fish, flamingos, parrots, and even a four-metre-high giraffe, a crocodile and a whale!

Place: Castle Książ in Wałbrzych, ul. Piastów Śląskich 1; Palm House in Wałbrzych, ul. Wrocławska 158

A light exhibition inspired by the world of plants and animals – Magical Botanical

Throughout the autumn and winter, at dusk, the Botanical Garden in Warsaw tells magical stories about the world of plants and animals. All thanks to thousands of lights arranged in spectacular designs. The exhibit has the rhyming name of MagicznyBotaniczny – Magical Botanical. Although the main role here is played by light, the exhibition consumes only as much energy as a lift in a four-story building. The amazing nature holds many secrets. The University of Warsaw and Lumagica, an international creator of light gardens, invite you to explore them during autumn and winter walks along the pathways of the University of Warsaw’s Botanical Garden. Magical Botanical – this is the name of the exhibition inspired by the world of flora and fauna, which is visiting the heart of Warsaw for the second time already. Next to light sculptures, such as a life-size mammoth, a giant wonder flower of the titan arum and a hummingbird floating in mid-air, there are brand new, stunning constructions. What are they? That’s for you to find out during your visit.

Place: Botanical Garden of the University of Warsaw, Aleje Ujazdowskie 4