16 Exceptional Places for Autumn Trips – Part II

The suggestions for the next 8 places are arranged in alphabetical order by the name of the voivodeships. You can find the first half of these in the article: 16 Exceptional Places for Autumn Trips – Part I”.

Podkarpackie Voivodeship: Cable Car Ride over Solina Dam – Autumnal Edition

In the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, the phrase „Golden Polish Autumn” immediately brings to mind the Bieszczady Mountains. And there’s no wonder, because autumn is the best time of year to visit this mountain range – a place synonymous with tranquillity and close proximity of wildlife. Deciduous beech forests take on a unique palette of green, yellow, and red in October, accompanied by the brownish-yellow hues of meadows known as połoniny. The view from them takes your breath away, and the vast panorama gives you a sense of freedom and space.

Since July 2022, the area boasts a really unique tourist attraction. Visitors can embark on an unforgettable scenic cable car ride and enjoy exceptional attractions at the Polish Cableways centre over the Solina Dam. The Solina Cable Car is a special attraction not only in terms of tourism but also technologically. It’s a unique way to admire Lake Solina and the Bieszczady mountains landscapes. Along the 1.5 km route from the starting station Plasza to the end station located on Jawor Mountain, you can admire from up above the spectacular landscapes of the colourful Bieszczady hills, the monumental dam, and Lake Solina. In addition, a 55-metre-high tower with an observation deck and the „Mysterious Solina” theme park significantly enhance the attractiveness of this new tourist asset. Come and see Solina in its autumn garb!

solina_kolej_gondolowa_1170x300.jpgSolina Cable Car

Podlaskie Voivodeship: Autumn in the Land of Open Shutters

The Podlaskie Voivodeship is a treasure trove of natural beauty. Autumn colours of nature can be admired in almost every corner of this region, with four diverse national parks (the Białowieża, Biebrzański, Narwiański, and Wigierski National Parks) serving as excellent examples. And if you add interesting traditions, cultural assets, and the famous Podlasie hospitality, you get ready „tourist products” that can certainly inspire autumn trips to this region.

One of them could be the Land of Open Shutters. In the vicinity of Hajnówka in the Narew River Valley, there is a magical trail formed by three villages: Trześcianka, Soce, and Puchły. Their inhabitants still preserve their centuries-old folk tradition and borderland customs, speaking in the old Podlasie dialect. The old, original architecture with unique woodcarvings, found in no other part of the country, never ceases to amaze. You can find these decorations in the form of window heads and ledges, shutters, windbreaks, cornices, as well as decorative cladding of facades and gables of churches, houses, and farm buildings. It’s an excellent place for a peaceful retreat among forests, clean rivers, and plenty of stork nests.

kraina_otwartych_okiennic_1170x300.jpg„Krainy Otwartych Okiennic” Rout

Pomorskie Voivodeship: Autumn Beach Walk to Gdynia Orłowo

The northernmost voivodeship in Poland, Pomorskie, invites you not only to the Baltic beaches, although they are particularly enticing for various activities in autumn, creating picturesque landscapes not seen in summer. The absence of crowds at this time of year is another advantage. As a result, the beaches encourage relaxing and calming walks. The Polish coast attracts at any time of year!

One of the most picturesque coastal places is the cliff in Gdynia Orłowo. You can admire it from the beach by taking a longer walk, for example from Sopot to Gdynia. And when you’re in Gdynia, head to the Orłowo district with a pier from 1934 and a dreamlike cliff. The 650 metres of cliff coast between Orłowo and Redłowo is truly unique. The cliffs are of the active kind, which means that due to the wind and sea waves, the shore constantly changes its appearance and shape. The slopes are covered with diverse and extremely rare vegetation. Scenic walking paths lead around the cliff. Fans of all things military will appreciate the best-preserved coastal artillery battery in Poland on the Orłowo Cliff. You can take a walk on the Marysieńka promenade, see the Kolibki palace and park as well as the house in which the famous author Stefan Żeromski once lived. You can relax on a bench with the figure of Antoni Suchanek, a Polish maritime painter. See the Baltic in autumn from one of the most beautiful viewpoints on the Polish coast, the Orłowo Cliff!

gdynia_klif_orlowski_jesien_1170x300.jpgCliff in Gdynia Orłowo

Śląskie Voivodeship: A Visit to Princess Daisy and Bison in Autumn – Pszczyna Castle and Park

The Śląskie Voivodeship is rich in various attractions throughout the year. Well-prepared themed tourist routes such as the Trail of the Eagles’ Nests, the Technical Monuments Trail, or the „Śląskie Smaki” Culinary Trail are perfect for autumn exploration. Some of them allow you to enjoy the colours of autumn during sunny weather, while others are suitable for the rainy autumn season, encouraging you to stay indoors.

Regardless of the weather, our suggestion for an autumn trip this year is Pszczyna with its magnificent castle, which owes its neo-baroque character to its most famous resident, Princess Daisy von Pless. The Pszczyna Castle is surrounded by a beautiful park, perfect for autumn walks. Currently, the interiors house the Castle Museum. Together with the historic landscaped park in English style covering an area of 156 hectares and the Duke’s Stables, the building forms a palace-and-park complex that takes on a special charm in autumn. The historic Pszczyna Park occupies the bottom of the shallow Pszczynka valley. The park consists of the Castle Park itself, the Dworcowy Park in Pszczyna, and the Zwierzyniec Park – extensive forest-park areas known as the “Wild Promenade”. Here you will find an additional attraction that you must visit, the European Bison Show Farm. In the enclosure covering nearly 10 hectares, in addition to bison, you can see the European mouflon, deer, fallow deer, roe deer, and several species of birds. Pszczyna offers many more interesting attractions, so go on an autumn trip to one of the most beautiful towns in southern Poland! You will be charmed by the picturesque scenery, unique atmosphere, and rich history.

zamek_pszczyna_zachod_slonca_1170x300.jpgPszczyna Castle

Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship: Autumn Hikes to Geonatura Kielce

You can find dozens of exceptional places for autumn trips in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. This region is full of natural, archaeological, geological, historical, and family-friendly tourist attractions. The multi-colour leaves all around provide an enchanting backdrop for the expeditions and explorations of this region during the autumn season, especially in the Świętokrzyski National Park.

You can start your autumn trip in the picturesque heart of the region in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. The city of Kielce combines natural mountainous spaces with cultural attractions typical of urban areas. Several reserves you can find here are a must-visit: Kadzielnia, Wietrznia, Ślichowice, and BiesakBiałogon are nature reserves, while Karczówka is a landscape reserve. Geonatura Kielce is a tourist destination that encompasses these attractions. It includes the Kadzielnia Reserve, the Zbigniew Rubinowski Wietrznia Reserve with the Geoeducation Centre, Jan Czarnocki Rock Reserve in Ślichowice, and the Botanical Garden in Kielce. Geonatura Kielce is an educational park located on the Świętokrzyski Archeo-Geological Trail. You’ll discover the treasures of autumn in all these places and sights!

kielce_kadzielnia_1170x300.jpgKadzielnia Reserve in Kielce

Warmińsko-mazurskie Voivodeship: Gołdap in Autumn Scenery – Masurian spa and EDEN

The Great Masurian Lakes need no introduction. They are a well-known and beloved travel destination and a tourist hallmark of the Warmińsko-mazurskie Voivodeship, known as the land of Gothic architecture, castles, and lakes. Both Warmia and Masuria are rich in many tourist attractions and places worth visiting, especially in autumn. Among them, in the picturesque autumn scenery, you’ll find the only health resort in the region.

Gołdap – Mazurski Zdrój is the winner of the European Commission’s EDEN competition for the „Best European Tourist Destinations” in the health and wellness tourism category (in 2019). The town boasts several significant assets, holding the status of a health resort with peat and climate therapy. Apart from being the only health resort in the region, it also can boast the purest air in the country. It’s a thriving tourist and recreational centre and a member of the exclusive Cittaslow association. The Masurian Salt Graduation Towers the fourth largest such towers in Poland. For relaxation, there’s the Zdrój, a modern mineral water spring with a salt cave and year-round mini graduation towers. The therapeutic process uses medicinal and mineral waters extracted in Gołdap. Visit the Gołdapa River Valley in autumn, where this beautiful resort is located, and enjoy the offerings it has during this season!

goldap_1170x300.jpgGołdap Health resorts

Wielkopolskie Voivodeship: Poznań’s Green Lungs in Autumn – Exploring the Wielkopolski National Park

Wielkopolskie Voivodeship is a region with a rich history, as it is where Poland’s existence as a state actually began. There are many historical landmarks to explore and places to trace the footsteps of history here. The region also boasts diverse natural areas, both within cities and beyond.

Residents of Poznań can quickly reach the Wielkopolski National Park located just south of the city, along the Warta River. However, it’s worth visiting on an autumn trip not just for the residents of the regional capital. The park occupies a beautiful, picturesque area with characteristic features like eskers, hills, hillocks, erratics, and water-filled tunnel valleys with 11 lakes. Among its lakes, forests, and hills, there are five hiking trails covering 85 km, 100 km of cycling trails, and 30 km for equestrian enthusiasts. Along the way, you’ll find the Natural History Museum in Jeziora and a viewing tower on Osowa Góra in Mosina. The natural „gateway” to the park is Puszczykowo with its historic, partially wooden architecture. The Museum – Literary Workshop of Arkady Fiedler, the writer-traveller, attracts crowds of his fans. Autumn is the perfect time for a trip to the Wielkopolski National Park!

wielkopolski_pn_jez_goreckie_1170x300.jpgWielkopolski National Park 

Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship: Hortulus Gardens in Autumn Scenery

Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship is an adventure by the sea! Known for its coastal resorts and spas that are quite crowded in the summer season, it also offers plenty of attractions for the rest of the year, including the picturesque autumn. It’s worth visiting this extraordinary region during this season to discover unique sights in autumnal splendour.

One of these places is called the Themed Gardens and Hortulus Spectabilis Gardens in Dobrzyca. Open to visitors until the end of October, these gardens allow you to admire not only the flora in spring and summer but also during the famed Golden Polish Autumn. These beautiful garden complexes, well-known not only in Poland, are an excellent idea for an autumn trip. They are just 25 kilometres from the resort town of Kołobrzeg and 15 kilometres from the coastal tourist town of Ustronie Morskie. The Themed Hortulus Gardens and Hortulus Spectabilis Gardens offer a relaxing experience amidst carefully manicured flower beds and the so-called small architecture, providing a good energy boost before the upcoming winter. The gardens are designed in various styles: Japanese, French, Mediterranean, rock, stone, and water gardens. There are also sensory gardens focusing on colour, light, and sound. Additionally, on the garden grounds you’ll find the world’s largest hornbeam maze with a 20-metre-tall viewing tower built in the shape of a DNA helix. And last, but not least, this is the season for giant pumpkins!

ogrody_hortulus_jesien_1170x300.JPGHortulus Spectabilis Gardens