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“Gdańsk” Hotel Med Spa


The boutique complex in the “Gdańsk” Hotel is located in the very centre of Gdańsk, at the picturesque yacht marina.

The hotel consists of two parts perfectly complementing each other - the 18th century Granary (Spichlerz), renovated with great attention to detail, stunning with its elegance and history, and the Yachting part, whose modern design relates to the theme of yachting.


The exclusive Med Spa in the “Gdańsk” Hotel, with the area of 450 m2, offers seven rooms, a hair styling studio, and the Sauna Centre. The greatest benefit of Med Spa is the latest equipment, allowing to perform extremely effective therapies which help preserve beauty and young look for longer. The Med Spa offers such excellent equipment as Raylife, Body Sound Programme, and Endermologie LPG.

The Sauna Centre includes a Finnish sauna with colour therapy, a steam sauna with the starry sky effect, a salt and ice cave, and a leisure room.

localization-imgСхема проезда:

Szafarnia street 9
80-803 Gdańsk
провинция: POMORSKIE
Широта и долгота: 54.349261,18.660616
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