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Axes Museum in Orzechowce


- Open all year round
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"Axe accompanies man from conception to death. The cradle, and at the end the coffin, have to be built with something"- these are words of the founder of the museum, and the owner of the “Herbalist" agritourist farm, Adolf Kuklinski.

The axe aficionado buys old axes from scrap yards in Skarżysko, Suchedniów and Kielce. Stone axes were brought from archaeological sites in Slovakia. The museum collected more than 1850 axes, and the oldest in the collection dates from around 1720. The farm also has a forge in which the owner gives blacksmithing and armoury lessons.

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26-010 Orzechówka
Широта и долгота: 50.9915298,20.8936186

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