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Wierzchowiska Golf&Country Club


Тип блока:
- Open seasonally
- 30 - 80zł

The Golf Course is situated in the heart of the beautiful Lublin Upland in the village of Wierzchowiska - 16 km from the city of Lublin in the direction of Zamosc. It is surrounded by the gentle hills and old trees, with sleepy backwaters of streams and waterways.

The golf course consists of 9 holes with a total length of over 2.5 km. Each hole has its own unique character and a different level of difficulty which makes the golf course suitable for players of all levels.

localization-imgСхема проезда:

Wierzchowiska Drugie 134
21-050 Piaski
провинция: LUBELSKIE
Широта и долгота: 51.1116746,22.8063754

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