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Bydgoszcz Channel


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The Bydgoszcz Channel was built in 1773-1775. The channel with its sluices is a unique example of inland technology in the world.

The channel begins in Bydgoszcz and ends in Nakło by the Noteć River. It connects the Vistula and Odra Rivers through their trubutaries: the Brda and the Noteć Rivers. The length of the channel is 24.7 km. 6 water sluices were constructed to regulate the water level in the channel. The channel was reconstructed in 1910-1915. During these reconstruction works, its course was changed and the old part was called Old Bydgoszcz Channel. This old part of the channel is closed today. The channel is an interesting tourist attraction. The town’s inhabitants enjoy spending their free time relaxing on its banks.

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Широта и долгота: 53.1235,18.0084

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