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Church of St. Leonard in Busko-Zdrój


- Open all year round

Busko-Zdrój is the starting place of the wooden Church building trail along Maskalis, left tributary of Nida. This trail belongs to a series of trails, such as the royal trail, trail of shrines and saints, brick and wood trail, set up under the "Nida trails". The trail is approximately 8 km long.

The trail starts in the oldest part of Busko-Zdrój, where the first Church of St. Leonard stood in the 12th century. The present Church was built in 1699. Built of larch wood, it post and beam and log construction, oriented. It has a triangular half-top characteristic of southern Małopolska, decorated with radial "sun" pattern. The Church holds pilgrimage masses on patron’s day, i.e. the next Sunday after 6 November. Historical interiors are made available to individual tourists and organized groups.

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