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Old Pub


часы работы:
понедельник - 12.00-23.00
вторник - 12.00-23.00
среда - 12.00-23.00
четверг - 12.00-23.00
пятница - 12.00-23.00
суббота - 12.00-23.00
воскресенье - 12.00-23.00

"Old Pub" is an elegant restaurant with beautiful historic setting, located in the centre of the city, famous for its excellent cuisine and unique climates.

"Old Pub" is the place for even the most demanding customers expecting excellent cuisine and outstanding atmosphere. It's an ideal spot for private or business meetings. Vaulted cellars form a secluded place with soothing atmosphere, where you can leisurely sip Irish Guinness and enjoy tasty cuisine. The upstairs floor of the Old Pub has been designed in the style of the Vienna Secession, which emphasizes the stylish but unimposing décor.

localization-imgСхема проезда:

Grodzka street 8
20-112 Lublin
провинция: LUBELSKIE
Широта и долгота: 51.2483396,22.5679142
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