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'Labirynt' Gallery 2 Art Exhibitions Bureau


часы работы:
вторник - 12.00-19.00
среда - 12.00-19.00
четверг - 12.00-19.00
пятница - 12.00-19.00
суббота - 12.00-19.00
воскресенье - 12.00-19.00

The gallery organizes modern art exhibitions, promotes young artists not only from Lublin but also from all over Poland and abroad.

The Gallery has a wide collection of morern art, which is beeing filling in since 1960's the 20th century. It organizes meetings, lectures and discussions concerning modern art; it exchanges also exhibits with other galleries in Poland. In this gallery one could admire exhibitions of Jan Berydyszak, Dobrosław Bagiński, Stanisław Bałdyga, Edward Dwurnik, Władysław Filipiak, Edward Hartwiga, Wladysłąw Hasiora, Irena Nawrot and others.

localization-imgСхема проезда:

Ks. J. Popiełuszki street 5
20-052 Lublin
провинция: LUBELSKIE
Широта и долгота: 51.2484,22.5684

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