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Kawiarnia pod Arkadami (cafe)


часы работы:
понедельник - 10.00-23.00
вторник - 10.00-23.00
среда - 10.00-23.00
четверг - 10.00-23.00
пятница - 10.00-00.00
суббота - 10.00-00.00
воскресенье - 10.00-00.00
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Take a seat there! Feel comfortable and listen to their music. Everyone is warmly invited!
The cafe also offers organising of multimedia presentations supported with the newest equipment and by its great experience. The cafe is a perfect place for business meetings, presentations of products, shows for special guests, etc. Additional equipment, by means of projector and professional sound-system, gives the possibility to combine modern presentation with traditional chamber atmosphere. There is also a chance to rent the equipment outside the cafe.

localization-imgСхема проезда:

Rynek market 26
45-015 Opole
провинция: OPOLSKIE
Широта и долгота: 50.680475,17.938394
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