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JuraPark Bałtów


часы работы:
понедельник - 10.00-19.00
вторник - 10.00-19.00
среда - 10.00-19.00
четверг - 10.00-19.00
пятница - 10.00-19.00
суббота - 10.00-19.00
воскресенье - 10.00-19.00
Комментарии. Наличиеi - Podane godziny otwarcia są aktualne w miesiącach lipiec-sierpień. Szczegółowy spis godzin na inne miesiące znajduje się na stronie internetowej obiektu.
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JuraPark is the first place in Poland where u can be face to face with dinosaurs.

Sightseeing of the park it is a journey in time through all geological periods. It begins when life appears on the Earth (Cambrian, 542 Ma before present), and ends when humans appear (Neolith). The biggest attraction are the models of dinosaurs of the original size, located along the route.

The route makes not only a pleasure for guests, but is also aimed to play an educational role. Information standpoints are located along the trail, related to geological periods description, as well as description of characteristic features of particular dinosaur models. It is also possible to rest in shadow of trees at the time of sightseeing and look at refreshing cascades, water eyes and luxuriant, green vegetation.

Practical information:

There are some tourist farms located near the Park. The plan is to build a youth hostel and a hotel. You can eat delicious meals in "Zajazd pod Czarcią Stopką" and  in Club "BAŁTEK", which offers meals for groups. Reservations: (041) 264 14 20-2; email rezerwacja.baltow @ jurapark.pl. All information visitors can find at www.juraparkbaltow.pl

localization-imgСхема проезда:

Bałtów street 8a
27-423 Bałtów
Широта и долгота: 51.0177107,21.5416939

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