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Jewish Culture Festival


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Jewish Culture Festival in Cracow is one of the most important and largest events of this kind in the world.

The first festival took place in 1988 and it was focused around scientific session devoted to the meeting of cultures - Polish and Jewish. It was a modest event but its symbolic importance was huge, as it began still-lasting process. With time the Festival, created by the most eminent representatives of various fields of Jewish art and culture, has become a meeting place for Jews and non-Jews from all around the world. The Festival's space - Kazimierz - Cracow lets them find common values. In the days of the festival in Kazimierz is filled with sounds of synagogue singing, klezmer music, Jewish folk music as well as  Hasidic and classical. You can watch movies, shows and exhibitions, take part in workshops and listen to the Jews' stories of their culture.

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Józefa street 36
31-056 Kraków
провинция: MAŁOPOLSKIE
Широта и долгота: 50.0512808,19.9472519

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