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"Impresja" Hotel and Road House


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Тип блока:
- Open all year round
- 50.00 PLN - 130.00 PLN


Кол-во мест: 30
Количество комнат: 15

Hotel Impresja Krasiczyn impression created in the restored stables of the former Family Sapieha. The facility will see the preserved, original bricks with the initials of the first owners of the property Adam Sapieha and Wladyslaw Sapieha.

The hotel has ceremonial hall and banquet facilities, fireplace room, club rooms, parking and a restaurant. Hotel and guesthouse are linked by a common courtyard, which gives the possibility of organizing outdoor events or concerts.

Private investor recognizing the unmistakable charm, history and location of the property bought it in 2002. He decided to renovate the buildings using only local materials and engaging local contractors. Guesthouse was opened in 2006, a hotel with a banquet hall at the turn of 2007/2008.

localization-imgСхема проезда:

Krasiczyn street 157
37-741 Krasiczyn
Широта и долгота: 49.775855,22.65156

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