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"Górski" ** and Restaurant


Тип блока:
- Open all year round
- 25.00 PLN - 50.00 PLN


Кол-во мест: 32
Количество комнат: 10

The hotel is located in the Bieszczady Mountains one of the most beautiful South-East part of Poland. The hotel is located at the outskirt of Wetlina Village (670 m high) in walking distance from Połonina Wetlińska (1228 m).

The hotel is great start point for the green trail crossing the territory of the Bieszczady National Park. Polish, Slovak and Ukrainian borders meet close to the hotel on Kremenaros Mountain.
If you plan a visit us in autumn or winter, remember that mountain weather conditions are usually harsher than in the lowlands. Take into account the rapid nightfall and the fact that the duration of walks featuring on maps and in guides is the duration estimated on a sunny summer day for hikers without heavy rucksacks. Consult the weather forecast before leaving home.
For an autumn/winter outing take insulating and wind-proof clothes, head wear, gloves, a thermos, sweets, a flashlight/headlamp, a rescue blanket, a charged mobile phone and a map. It is easier to walk in the snow if you are equipped with trekking poles and gaiters.

localization-imgСхема проезда:

Wetlina 46
38-608 Wetlina
Широта и долгота: 49.143353,22.484759
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