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ABAREX holiday centre


Тип блока:
- Open seasonally
- 01.05
Дата закрытия:
- 30.09
- 15.00 PLN - 45.00 PLN


Кол-во мест: 96

The resort is located north of the town of Trzciel, just 15 kilometres from the A2 motorway joining Warsaw and Berlin, near Konin Lake.

The holiday centre in Trzciel is a unique place because of the great tourist attractions of the area, as well as proximity to transportation routes. Abundant lakes and forests create a special atmosphere for an active holiday. The guests can use standard equipped bungalows and a common room with sanitary facilities. Because of its location, the facility provides opportunities for active recreation. At the lake there is a water equipment rental and a bathing beach, whereas in the woods there are marked out hiking trails and bike trails. We can organise trips to the Międzyrzecz Fortification Region, baroque post-Cistercian monastery and trips on the Route of Wine and Mead to the winery Cantina.

localization-imgСхема проезда:

66-320 Świdwowiec
провинция: LUBUSKIE
Широта и долгота: 52.364875,15.872997
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