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Traditional hospitality has always been and continues to be associated with our beautiful country, which is open to tourists. This very Polish hospitality is legendary and dates back to the period of Sarmatia, nobleman's manors and feasting. Accepting every traveler under their roof was a matter of common courtesy. The well-known proverb “Guest at home, God at home” reflects this Polish hospitality. Those words spoken at the beginning of a visit signify the joy of welcoming a guest in one’s house. Today our guests can experience it both in big-city hotels, picturesquely located manors and palaces and in the idyllic surroundings of agro-tourism farms or rural vineyards. Our hospitality is also inevitably linked to our tasty cuisine. Tempting proposals for getting to know Poland through the prism of table delights can be found in the offer of Polish culinary routes. They cover the whole country and lead among tourist attractions: historical cities, museums, castles, national parks, sanctuaries, underground routes, recreational facilities. Along with the culinary delights, all these attractions make up the charm of the local routes. Whether in the mountains or by the sea, on plains, uplands or among lakes, the magic of flavors and tastes spreads its power, according to the proverb “through the stomach to the heart”, which takes on a new meaning on a culinary trail.

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