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Underground Tourist Routes of Szczecin


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While waiting for the train at the main railwaystation in Szczecin, there is a chance to see the air-raid shelter from the times of Second World War.

The shelter was built by the Germans in 1941 as an anti-aircraft shelter for civilians.

Shelter is 5 floor deep. From the highest exit on Plac Zawiszy Czarnego (Zawiszy Czarnego Square) to the floor of the lowest level there are 16 meters. Its ferro-concrete walls are 3 meters thick, ceiling is 2,80 meters thick. The longest corridor is about 100 meters long. Total surface of shelter is 2,500 m2 and 1,900 m2 useful surface.

In shelter two thematical routes are available:  Route "II World War" and Route "Cold War - Communist Era".

Guide, surprising multilanguage sound frame (tape commentary from loudspeakers) and stage design wait for the visitors. In standard they offer touring in Polish with a guide. They offer audio guide also in English, German and Danish.

localization-imgLocation Map

Kolumba street 1/6
70-035 Szczecin
Latitude and Longitude: 53.41995,14.553584
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