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Poland's landscapes are home to an incredible array of wildlife that you can find in all nooks and corners of the country. Amongst 23 National Parks, the little-known Bieszczady National Park is particularly worth visiting. Located in the south-eastern corner of Poland, the park lies within the UNESCO East Carpathian Biosphere Reserve which covers over 2,000 square kilometres. Sparsely populated and clothed in a patchwork of mixed woodlands, rolling hills and colourful meadows, this little-visited region of the country offers sanctuary to some of the continent’s rarest wildlife and has become one of Europe’s last refuges for Wolfs, European Brown Bears and Eurasian Lynxes.

If waking up at dawn is your thing,  you will have a pretty good chance to spot these fascinating creatures. Nothing can beat watching this iconic mammal emerging from the forest.

Don’t worry if you love to lie in, there will be plenty of opportunities to spot other wild mammals, as European Brown Bears thrive in the park and can show up almost anytime anywhere. An encounter with the rare Eurasian Lynx might be a challenge, though. You will need plenty of good fortune, patience and determination to strike lucky!


During the day, when most mammals become inactive, you can turn your attention to the region’s varied birdlife. Woodpeckers, horned owl,  and Lesser spotted eagle are very well represented in the Bieszczady National Park.  However, your trip to  Bieszczady Park would not be complete without encountering with a magnificent European Bison! In the early spring, these impressive mammals often break the cover of the forests to feed on the first fresh grass of the season. Bison which is one of the most iconic animals associated with Poland, fallowed by White Storks can also be spotted both in Bialowieza and Kampinos Forests.

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