Every year more and more tourist use thermal baths. No wonder! Bathing is a perfect solution to get rid of winter blues and warm up during cold winter days. Thermal baths perfectly suit families with children, while for others a separate sauna area will be a wonderful oasis to wind down and relax. So if you feel like doing this we handpicked few of the best for you:

Terma Białka (Bialka Tatrzanska)

Terma Bialka is a complex of swimming pools, combining the advantages of a water amusement park with the philosophy of thermal relaxation. Both internal and external pools are filled with thermal water, throughout the year maintaining the temperature between 34oC - 38oC, characterized preferred degree of mineralization, which contains, trace elements such as sulphides, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. So varied the composition of the water is an ideal source of health, improve physical condition and positively affecting the quality of life.

Terma Bialka aims to answer the needs of families with children and the elderly, oriented to rest in peace and quiet. Therefore, the pool is divided into two zones:
Fun Zone is a place for lovers of water madness, ideal for families with children. In this zone are:

  • 2 swimming pools indoor and 1 outdoor swimming pool with a temperature of 34 ° C to 38 °, year-round water slides Anaconda, Turbo, Inflatables, Family (with a total length of over 300 meters)
  • Roundabouts water cannons and waterfalls, a wave pool, a grotto with a geyser, a waterfall, benches, massage couch massage stations side and bottom, 2 baths with Jacuzzi,
  • Paddling with internal filling up buckets, water hedgehog, stream and water umbrella,
  • Wet playground with cannons and sprinklers,
  • Outdoor playground and volleyball court,
  • Self-service restaurant and a summer outdoor bar,
  • Zone sunbathing (over 300 comfortable chairs).

Relaxation Zone is the place for those seeking relaxation and peace, who want to relax in a unique setting overlooking the beautiful panorama of the High Tatras.
In this zone are:
2 swimming pools interior, combined with 2 swimming pools external with thermal water with a temperature of 34 ° C to 38 ° C, a wide range of equipment for water massage: bottom geysers, massage stations bottom and side, cannons and water cascades, couches water and air, whips Water, counter jacuzzi on the entire length of the shoreline of the internal and external pool and sunbathing area (more than 200 comfortable chairs).

Another zone is saunarium where the philosophy of sauna can be combined with deep relaxation and calmness. On an area of over 1000m2 located its different variants:
Finnish sauna with temp. To 100 ° C and humidity up to 20%
The steam bath with temperature. 45 ° C and humidity up to 100%
Stone Sauna with temperature. To 50 ° C and humidity of 45%
Sauna Starogóralską with temperature. To 60 ° C and humidity of 35%
Ruska Bani with temp. 65 ° C and humidity up to 60%

This zone also includes:
swimming pool with cooling water to swim with temp. 24 ° C, brine bath, relaxation room with color therapy, relaxation pool, drink bar and sunbathing area with comfortable sun loungers.

Termy Bukovina (Bukowina Tatrzanska)

And why not to visit Poland's biggest complex of 20 thermal pools? All are powered by naturally hot, highly mineralized water with beneficial impact on the health and well-being. Bathing zones are located both indoor and outdoor, with water temperature from 30 ° C to 38 ° C. Visitors can actively get in shape in a warm swimming pool, relax the muscles in swimming pools with hydro massaging, or simply relax in the outdoor hot springs pools. An integral part of the complex is zone of saunas and salt baths. Those looking for intense experiences and attractions can make use of the water slide.

The unique offer of wellness completes situated in a quiet part of the complex SPA BUKOVINA. You can use beneficial treatments based on modern cosmetics, take care of your body using the latest technologies for aesthetic, and experience holistic rituals inspired by the richness of the Tatra Mountain nature. The complex also has a fitness room and space for individual classes with personal trainer.

Roman Baths (Czeladz)

Roman Baths, placed in the Palace of Saturn were built on based on the ancient engravings Term of Pompeii. Because of this you might have the impression that we upgraded in ancient times, where the municipal baths were part of everyday life.

Roman Baths is the only place in Poland, where there is so many different saunas and baths. There is, of course, the well-known Finnish sauna, where the temperature reaches 100C. Sauna Cleopatra, where hot stones are sprinkled with essential oils and the heat radiating passes through the furnace located above the crystals. On top of this, relaxing music and movies ensure your full relaxation. There are floral and herbal baths, which in addition to an unforgettable experience provide excellent skin care. Salt sauna, which is a combination of a steam bath with salt inhalation, will help your respiratory system. Thirty-minute stay in this sauna, has the same effect as a week's stay at the seaside.

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