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Bringing back home souvenirs is an obligatory element of every trip. They are little reminders of adventures, journeys, and explorations and help us keep those memories alive and relevant for a bit longer. They can also serve as perfect gifts to friends and family. Luckily, there are plenty of original items which you can bring back from Poland to keep as a memento or the ideal present.

There are many locally sourced items such as food, jewelry, pottery, and weavery that make for an ideal keepsake. Many of these regional articles are quintessentially Polish and are often viewed as sort of ambassadors of Poland's culture and tradition.

When visiting the area of Zakopane, you absolutely want to get your hands on oscypek. Oscypek is a uniquely shaped, hard, and smoked cheese made from sheep's milk. This tasty showpiece of the Podhale region is a Polish regional product, with Protected Destination of Origin status under the European Union's law. You may also want to try other highlander cheeses, such as bundz and bryndza.  

And while we are on the subject of delectable and traditional Polish cheeses, the Korycin municipality in the Podlasie region is best known for producing a local variety of rennet cheese made from unpasteurized cow's milk.

When visiting the Podkarpacie region, you should sample proziaki- a variation of soda pancake topped with garlic butter, the Lublin region is famous for its cebularz- an onion flatbread, and the Wielkopolska is home to the exquisite St. Martin's croissants. The medieval city of Toruń tempts with signature gingerbread baking tradition. The Living Gingerbread Museum is the focal point of this delicious practice and allows for hands-on experience at making your own gingerbread according to the original recipes. The museum received the prestigious Golden Certificate of the Polish Tourism Organization award, and it is a definite must when in town.  

Poland's winemaking traditions date back to the X century, but the industry started to considerably decline in the XVI century due to various factors. Thankfully, currently, winemaking in Poland is undergoing a genuine revival, with hundreds of vineyards producing their own wine. For example, in Małopolska, in response to the growing interest in wine tourism, the "ENOtarnowskie" project was awarded the Polish Tourism Organization's certificate for the best tourist product of 2019. However, the cradle of industrial grapevine cultivation in Poland is Ziemia Lubuska or the Lubusz Land, where you will find the longest and oldest enotourism trail in Poland - the Lubuski Wine and Honey Trail. Bringing back a bottle of Polish wine will surely be a lovely surprise for your oenophile friends.

Artisanal cheeses and handmade sweets are indeed ideal gifts, but if you are looking for a long-lasting, artistic, and functional souvenir, Poland offers those as well.

One such item will certainly be a handmade glass creation purchased at the Glass Heritage Center in Krosno. In addition to merchandise for sale, the center also offers workshops in the manufacture and decoration of their glass artwork. The visitors can admire the craftsmanship of the glass art and learn more about the history of regional glass making, which is immensely popular in Poland and internationally. A decorative glass piece from Krosno will undoubtedly remind you of Poland for years to come.

Similarly, the Julia Glassworks in Piechowice in the Dolnośląski region introduces visitors to the stunning world of crystal glass. Guided tours and all-age workshops educate and bring the complex and elaborate art of the manual production process closer. Locally manufactured and hand-painted crystalware will definitely be a conversation centerpiece back home.

We cannot fail to mention the world-famous ceramics from Bolesławiec, also in the Dolnośląski region. Produced since the XIX century, the Bolesławiec pottery captivates with its signature hand-painted style and traditional elements. Original ceramic tableware from Bolesławiec is highly regarded and sought for item that will serve as a unique décor for any kitchen.

In the neighboring Silesian region, the pictorial village of Koniaków is best recognized and regarded for its 200- year practice of crochet lace. Koniaków's delicate, intricate, and detailed thread work of lace dresses, shawls, tablecloths, window curtains, napkins, and even lingerie is prized worldwide.

Poland is also famous for "Baltic gold," i.e., amber, which is universally available for sale throughout the country. However, while in Gdańsk, it is worth visiting the Amber Museum - a branch of the Gdańsk Museum, documenting the history of amber in Poland. Beautiful and elaborate, amber trinkets and jewelry, often combining silver with amber, are the perfect souvenir from a trip around Poland. It is also an excellent gift for a loved one.

Undoubtedly, Poland is a truly diverse and attractive country. And holiday souvenirs are not just everyday objects – but they are also exceptional and distinctive local products that will for a long while remind you of your time spent in Poland.

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