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Due to the decreasing number of cases, Poland is introducing further easing of restrictions related to COVID-19. The obligation to cover the nose and mouth outdoors is lifted. However, it is still required to wear the mask indoors e.g., in public transport, in shops, cultural institutions, e.g., movie theatres and museums, as well as in churches.

From June 26th, new occupancy limits will apply:

  • hotels - 75% occupancy. Children up to 12 years of age and fully vaccinated guests will not be counted towards the limit.
  • restaurants - up to 75% occupancy
  • public transport - 100% occupancy, however, passengers must wear mouth and nose masks
  • movies and theaters - 75% occupancy. Cinemas start selling popcorn.
  • sporting events - maximum 50% of the audience occupancy of the facilities
  • gyms, fitness clubs, casinos - 1 person per 10 m² / 100 ft²
  • fairs and conferences - 1 person per 10m²/ 100 ft²
  • museums, galleries - in confined spaces there is a limit of 1 person per 15 m² / 160 ft²
  • fairs - maximum 75% occupancy.

Nightclubs with a limit of 150 people are also open (vaccinated people do not count towards the party limit).

After arriving in Poland, the release from quarantine will still apply to people who are vaccinated or tested negative for SARS-COV2.

In addition, children under the age of 12 who travel under the care of vaccinated adults or adults who have presented a negative result of the SARS-CoV-2 test dated within 48 hours before crossing the border, are also released from the quarantine requirement.

Travelers arriving in Poland from outside the Schengen Area or the European Economic Area will be directed to a 10-day quarantine, which they will be able to shorten after obtaining a negative COVID test result not earlier than 7 days after crossing the border.

Source: www.gov.pl

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