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Warsaw Rising 1944

At the first yelp of the air ride siren, Warsaw will stand still for a minute to mark the 78th Anniversary of the Warsaw Rising. On August 1st, 1944, fighters from the Polish Home Army and brave Warsaw residents took up arms to liberate the city from the German Nazi occupation.
When in Warsaw, there is no better place to learn about this heroic struggle than the Warsaw Rising Museum. It is one of the most visited venues in Warsaw. Officially opened on the 60th anniversary of the 1944 Uprising, it stands as a tribute to freedom fighters and citizens who perished during the Warsaw Uprising. Multiple exhibitions reveal the horror of everyday life in occupied Warsaw and illustrate the heroism and sacrifice of 200,000 resistance fighters and civilians who died in the Uprising. Images, movies, testimonials, and sounds present the days before the Uprising outbreak and its subsequent phases.

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Warsaw Rising Museum

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