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Warsaw, the beautiful, rapidly developing capital of Poland, is full of history and the perfect place to begin your journey across the country. 

Spend a few days here and expect to be surprised by the diversity of Warsaw. Here modern skyscrapers combine with colorful old town facades, almost completely rebuilt after World War II. Tourists and residents spend weekends by the Vistula River, in a famous Łazienki Royal park, or getting ready to enjoy the nightlife in one of many great spots around the city center. In a stunning blending of culture, Warsaw’s alternative club sounds mix with Chopin’s masterpieces., palaces mix with urban architecture. You will see happy children leaving the Copernicus Center are walking among those who fell into a reflective mood right after leaving the Warsaw Uprising Museum. Even food here is diversified: from delicious traditional Polish dishes to countless world cuisine examples. Can you imagine such an emotional adventure is only one flight away from you? And there’s so much more waiting for you in Poland! Thanks to a well-planned LOT Polish Airlines’ domestic flight network, you can get to know the country even better.

Poland – more than you could ever expect

It’s impossible to name all attractions of Poland, but for sure it is possible to say that with LOT, you can see most of them. Each city marked on the map is worth visiting, and each of them (except Olsztyn) has been connected to Warsaw by LOT directly. In Kraków, you will find the most famous royal castle in the country – Wawel Castle. An incredible Main Market Square and the nearby Wieliczka Salt Mine are worth mentioning as well. All these landmarks are some of the most important UNESCO heritage list examples in Central Europe. Would you like to visit both Warsaw and Kraków? With a travel time of only 55 minutes on board one of the four daily flights, you can see both cities in a day! Eat breakfast by the Vistula River in Warsaw and order lunch by the same river but in Kraków.

Warsaw, Kraków… where else?

LOT’s domestic route map allows you to explore the country conveniently. Each connection time is less than one and a half-hour long, which means less waiting for you. Moreover, each part of the country differs significantly, so we encourage you to spend as much time in Poland as you can and fly from one region to another. Hop on board in Kraków and fly to Gdańsk on the Baltic coast. Here you may find the coastline, historic ships, harbors, and sandy beaches instead of the hills and mountains you saw around Kraków. Gdańsk is also the hometown of the Solidarity movement, which made history in the late eighties, fighting against the Soviets-oriented regime. From here, take a trip to see the most remarkable medieval castle in Europe, Malbork, or one of many other beautiful landmarks by the Baltic Sea.

Discover Poland with LOT

LOT Polish Airlines conveniently fulfills your wanderlust by connecting you to all of Poland. Our crews will make you feel welcomed and take good care of your safety during the journey. If you have any questions about the country, don’t hesitate to ask our flight attendants, and always remember to consider the Polish Tourism Organization’s recommendations.

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