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Virtual Poland- The Royal Residence of Wilanów

This Baroque residence was a gift of King Jan III Sobieski to his beloved wife, Marie Casimire Louise. As such, it is a monument of love and partnership. The architecture of the palace in Wilanów is a fusion of the achievements of European art with the preferences of Polish nobility. The rich collection of art has been arranged to represent different timelines. It includes antique vases, paintings by Cranach, Rubens and David, fine porcelain from China, as well as many objects of everyday use. The former riding hall in the palace is now home to the Poster Museum. The interiors and the outdoor area often host exhibitions, meetings, and concerts, as well as musical workshops during the International Summer Academy of Early Music. The garden has arrangements with very neatly trimmed trees. In the spring, the gardens explode with blossoming magnolias, which are the oldest specimens of this species in Poland.

The Wilanów virtual collection holds numerous artifacts of significant cultural and historical interest. For example, you can read about the extraordinary life of King Jan III Sobieski, who, after leading the victorious armies at the Battle of Vienna, was hailed as the “savior of Christendom” and “The Lion of Lehistan.” Other exciting reads revolve around subjects of art and architecturelocal life, customs, and food.  

You can also admire stored paintings and other items at the WilanowGoogleArtCulture.

Please visit the official portal for the Wilanów Palace for more information.

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