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Virtual Poland- The Castle in Malbork

While regular travel plans you may have had must be postponed for the moment, you can still pay a virtual visit to some of the most exciting, intriguing, and remarkable sites in Poland. We will do our best to bring to you over the incoming days a selection of these locations for your enjoyment. 

Built initially on Polish lands by Teutonic Knights, the imposing fortress of Malbork remains as the world’s largest stronghold constructed out of the distinctive red brick.  

Malbork was the headquarters of the Grand Master of the order.

The castle, built with a considerable vaunt as the headquarters of the Grand Master, inspired both awe in the might of the Order and instilled fear in the local populace. Its core is the High Castle, built of 4.5 million bricks, the production of which was an immense undertaking in the 13th century. Mighty defensive walls, moats, drawbridges, and iron portcullises, artillery stands, stone-throwing machines, and magazines: all those elements are part of the monumental work of Gothic architecture. They are the reasons this fortress is listed on the UNESCO Heritage list. Visitors can also admire the chapel and the Palace of Grand Masters, the chambers of the monastic knights, as well as military barracks. From April through August, one can see stunning Sound and Light shows on the castle grounds.

You can now find yourself admiring parts of this imposing structure in a virtual reality walkaround. With this, you have unrestricted access to the Middle Castle courtyardthe Great Refectory,  Summer Refectory of the Palace of Grand Mastersthe Dry Moatthe Western Zwingerthe Grand Masters garden, and the Blessed Virgin Mary church

For more background information, please visit the official Malbork Castle portal.  


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