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Warsaw has absolutely everything, and there are unlimited treasures to be found. From highly recognised classical concerts to summer street samba carnival, from boat cruises to Praga street art tours, from the bright lights of the city centre to the cobbled streets of the Old Town.  There are plenty of things to keep you entertained in Warsaw, so much so that we couldn’t possibly list everything. Instead, we’ve narrowed down a few ideas that just might take your fancy.

1. The Warsaw Old Town

When in Warsaw visiting the Old Town is a must. It is one of the most beautiful parts of the city; full to the brim with cafes, restaurants and amber shops and a palpable sense of history – even though it was completely rebuilt after WWII. Just a few steps from the cobbled Old Town Market Square, you will find a magnificent Royal Castle filled with authentic period furniture and original works of art. In Summer, the town square is also home to regular events and even open-air art galleries.

2. The Warsaw Museum

Warsaw Museum may not receive the same fanfare as their more popular siblings, but it is a great introduction to the city. It tells stories about the city and people who have shaped its history.

3. The Warsaw Mermaid

The mermaid statue in the Old Town square is a great photo-op for all Instagram lovers. There are several legends and myths about Warsaw’s mermaid, but we love to believe there were twin mermaid sisters who got separated in the Baltic Sea. One of them swam to Warsaw and the second one managed to get to Copenhagen.

4. Neon Museum

It’s a neon wonderland in Warsaw, so if you love neon this is the place to go. It contains hundreds of neon signs that were put up throughout Poland from the 1950s to the 1970s. Most of them were designed by some of Poland’s most prominent artists and graphic designers and frequently featured unique hand-written fonts.

5. The Chopin Museum

If you have any feeling for classical music and new technologies, you will enjoy your visit to the Chopin Museum. Considered as one of the most high-tech museums in Europe helps everyone to fall in love with Polish beloved composer.

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