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Poland is known for its pretty frozen-in-time picturesque village that you won't find "on the way" to somewhere else. The fact that they have stayed off the beaten path is what keeps them interesting, and preserves their ancient yet timeless character.

If you’re looking for a slice of your very own dreamy rural perfection then here are our top 3  prettiest villages in Poland.

Zalipie, South Poland

Zalipie is probably the most photographed village in Poland due to its small wooden cottages painted in vibrant colours.  This lovely tradition started with more than a century ago when one of its residents begun to paint her home with floral motives as she wanted to cover up some particular faults.

Kluki, North Poland

Visiting Kluki Village is like jumping in a time machine and travelling to a bygone era as the whole village is a fabulous reconstruction of Slavic village. This tiny village consists of seven farms, storage and fisherman's hut.

Jugow, South – Western Poland

Located in the hills of scenic Owl Mountains lies this magical little village. Jugow is one of the best-kept secrets in the country and is fortunately just a two-hour journey from Wroclaw.

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