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Top 10 medieval castles in Poland

Malbork Castle

A classic example of the biggest 15th-century medieval fortress in Europe, covering an area of 21 hectares. Malbork castle was the Teutonic Order’s administrative centre.

Gniew Castle

One of the best-preserved forts, built at the turn of the 13th century. Initially the seat of the Teutonic Commanders, Gniew Castle was turned into prison and a granary in the 19th century. Famous for outdoor performances and tournaments.

Bolkow Castle

Recognizable for its unique keep, this 13th-century Bolkow castle, located on the trail of the Eagles’ Nests  in Lower Silesia, is now the seat of the Fellowship of the Bolkow Castle Knights and the Castle Party annual dark music festival venue.

Kwidzyn Castle

The 14th-century Kwidzyn Castle served as a chapter house for the Pomesanians. Featuring the inner court with four square keeps in each corner, it is noted for the largest sanitary tower in Europe.

Bobolice Castle

The jagged contours rearing over the village of Bobolice are a famous thrill. Now a ruin, the mid-14th-century Bobolice Castle was one of the castles on the trail of the Eagles’ Nests built to defend the southwest border of Poland.

Grodziec Castle

Perched on a basalt hill in the Lower Silesia, Grodziec Castle dates back to 1155. Partly ruined, the castle features a hotel and is host to medieval tournaments and jousts.

Niedzica Castle

For several decades, Niedzica Castle in the Pieniny Mountains has fired the imaginations of film makers. Its stunning location atop a hill, gloomy dungeons and ghostly legends attract hundreds of visitors each year.

Checiny Castle

Once the home of King Wladysław Lokietek and Casimir the Great, Checiny Castle served as a concentration point before the Battle of Plowce in 1331.  The surviving remains make the castle a fascinating place to explore.

Bedzin Castle

The 13th-century stone castle was a military outpost on the southwestern border of the Kingdom of Poland. One of the Eagle’s Nests, Bedzin Castle is now home to Zaglebie Museum.

Ogrodzieniec Castle

Embedded in the rock, the most impressive Eagle's Nest of the Polish Jura. Built in the days of King Casimir the Great, it was home to distinguished Polish families. Several Andrzej Wajda’s films were screened here.

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