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Citywillwait540.jpg The local tourism organizations of Gdańsk, Łódź, Poznań, and Warszawa initiated the #CityWillWait campaign. In times of the pandemic,      when it is essential to stay at home and flatten the curve, the #CityWillWait drive is a promise and a reminder that these Polish cities will be ready and waiting for visitors once it is safe to travel again. The goal of the campaign aims at maintaining an interest in travel and drawing attention to the tourist attractions these cities have to offer. The campaign is carried out on official travel portals and social media.

Contributing tourism organizations such as the Gdańsk Tourism Organization, the Łódź Tourism Organization, the Poznań Local Tourist Organization, and the Warsaw Tourism Organization highlight travel and visitor-oriented offers of local museums, cultural centers, entertainment venues, parks and recreation, and lodging. Many of the suggested attractions are presented in the form of virtual tours, online images, panoramic maps, and promotional movies.

The ongoing #CityWillWait campaign is open to all other cities interested in participating. Two latest additions include Lublin and Toruń. We are eagerly awaiting other towns to join.

You can find out more by following:

#GdanskWillWait- https://visitgdansk.com/en/; www.facebook.com/visitgdansk.official; www.instagram.com/visit_gdansk_official

#LublinWillWait- https://lublin.eu/en/; https://www.facebook.com/turystycznylublin; https://www.instagram.com/turystycznylublin/

#ŁódźWillWait- https://lodz.travel/en/; https://www.instagram.com/lodz.travel/

#PoznanWillWait- http://www.poznan.travel/en/; www.facebook.com/Poznan.travelwww.instagram.com/poznan.travel

#WarsawWillWait- https://wot.waw.pl/english/; https://www.facebook.com/WarszawskaOrganizacjaTurystyczna

#TorunPoczeka- https://www.torun.pl/en; www.facebook.com/LokalnaOrganizacjaTurystycznaTorun  

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