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The border between Poland and the Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation crosses the Romincka Forest. Numerous embankments, trenches, bridges and overpasses are the remnants of a railroad existing here before 1945. Unique plants and interesting animals can be seen in the primeval forest. Among many different animals you can encounter wolves, deer, moose, foxes, wild boars, raccoon dogs, otters and a large population of beavers. You might even see a black stork or a white-tailed eagle. In the ‘70s there were five preserves created in the Forest, of which one of the most interesting is the old-growth forest. The Romincka Forest has its own legend as well. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries it was the hunting ground of Emperor Wilhelm II, who marked each dead deer with a stone bearing commemorative inscription. Therefore, the establishment of the Landscape Park of the Romincka Forest, on January 14, 1998 by the Governor of Suwałki, was a significant event for the region. Its main part, located in the Romincka Forest, covers the area of 14,620 ha, while the outside zone located in the commune of Gołdap and the commune of Dubeninki covers 8,500 ha.

The Emperor built a Norwegian style wooden hunting lodge in Krasnolesye (which is nowadays located in the City Park in Kaliningrad, where it got relocated in parts). Almost every year at the end of September or beginning of October, during the rut, the Emperor would show up to Kaiserich Rominten, which is how Krasnolesye was known as back then, to give himself up to hunting. The deer in the Romincka Forest were famous throughout Europe.

Aristocracy from all over Europe came to the Emperor’s hunts. The places in which he shot the best, most fantastic deer were marked with stones (Hirsch gedenk steine) bearing corresponding inscriptions. Only fourteen of them have survived (and one from before the Emperor’s stay), including eight on the Polish side. On the Russian side of the forest seven other memorial stones are located.


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