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The Great Polish Outdoors

Poland is a top destination for travelers looking to enjoy the great outdoors while on vacation in Europe. The country’s stunning lakes, beautiful seaside, and dramatic forests provide the backdrop for a fun-filled stay.

The Mazury region, located near the Lithuanian border, has been dubbed the “Land of a Thousand Lakes” thanks to the presence of thousands of lakes all interconnected via canals and other small waterways. These lakes are popular with kayakers and boaters vacationing in Poland. Many of the lakes have harbors dotted with pubs, small shops, and eateries. Others are more secluded, practically hidden inside thick trees and vegetation are sure to thrill nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

Poland’s Baltic coast area is lined with stunning sandy beaches. One thing that makes this area unique is the presence of natural amber along the shore. Amber, which comes from the resin of the area’s pine trees that has solidified over thousands of years, is praised as much for its beauty as for its metaphysical properties. Visitors can spend their time on the Amber Coast relaxing by the sea, listening to waves and watching seagulls. Those who prefer a more active trip will not be disappointed by the offerings here. Horseback riding is a popular and exciting way to enjoy the area’s beauty. The water here is also ideal for windsurfing, kitesurfing, and swimming.

Along with being on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Białowieża National Park is one of the last remaining primeval forests in all of Europe. Located near the border with Belarus, the national park offers visitors the chance to learn more at the Museum of Nature and Forest and the Center for Nature Education, both of which are within the park. Białowieża National Park is known for being home to the largest population of European bison in the world, and travelers will be able to spot them along with roe deer, wild boar, elk, red deer, wolves and a range of other forest mammals.

A farm stay is a popular and common leisure activity in Poland. It involves staying on an authentic local farm, where you can not only find a cozy place to sleep but also take part in the daily activities of farm life. There are regional agrotourism associations that offer information and assign ratings to local farms, so it is easy to make a selection and choose the right accommodation.  Many travelers find a happy medium by spending a few nights in a luxury hotel in one of Poland’s bigger cities and then spending a few nights at an agrotourism site out in the Polish countryside.  If you want to get a taste of a Polish farmer’s life, there will be no shortage of opportunities. In many of these places, you can participate in everyday farm chores such as milking cows and feeding and taking care of animals. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can kick back and enjoy the simple life.

Some places offer other activities as horseback riding, fishing, and even Polish language lessons or cooking workshops.

Guests are drawn to the kitchen to have hands-on experience preparing traditional Polish dishes.  The farms make use of fresh, local produce often grown on the property. Picking vegetables, herbs, or honey for a meal is a very common practice on those farms.

There are visitors to Poland who will tell you that the best way to see the countryside is on a horse. Horseback riding offers the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful countryside. You can reach remote sites otherwise inaccessible by other means, plus it enables you to cover more ground and see more things in a shorter time. Poland is well-known in equestrian circles for its renowned Arabian horses, a breed that has been revered by the nobility for centuries for its strength and grace. Local hucul horses are also recognized and appreciated for their gentle demeanor and bravery. Poland has many stables with trained horses just waiting to provide you with the ride of a lifetime.

An outdoors-themed vacation that visits the sea, lakes, and forests of Poland is an affordable and relaxing trip that gives visitors a deeper appreciation of the world’s natural beauty.

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