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bird's eye view of the castle

Książ castle was home to many noble families, such as von Hochberg. Between 1509 and 1941, the Hochberg's expanded the stronghold and significantly contributed to its splendor. During World War II, the castle was taken over by the occupying German forces. Under their reign, numerous historic chambers were destroyed. The Nazis created a tunnel system underneath the chateau, which the function remains a mystery. Recently the Książ castle made news as a rumor of a lost Nazi gold train was believed to be buried in the castle's vicinity. 

After systematic looting committed by the German occupiers and later by the Red Army in 1952, renovation work was undertaken to restore the Książ castle to its previous grandeur.

Today, visitors can admire the majesty of numerous chambers, terraces, and surrounding gardens. The underground tunnel is also available to the public.

The photography exhibition "Gourmet's View of Książ" is one of the latest displays to draw attention. Louis Hardouin, who served as the resident chef to the Hochberg court, was also an avid amateur photographer. Out of 1,500 pictures he took between 1909-1932, two hundred were selected for a permanent exhibition in Princess Daisy's Apartments. These mesmerizing black and white images illustrate the Książ castle and its magnificent setting, as well as the daily life of the Hochberg family and the castle staff.   

For those visitors wishing to spend a night, Książ Hotel is conveniently located near the castle.

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