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windmill and trees in the fall

This year, Fall in Poland begins on September 22nd and ends on December 21st. Autumn is probably one of the most eventful seasons in Poland.

Fall in Poland begins on September 22nd and ends on December 21st. Autumn is probably one of the most eventful seasons in Poland. Trees change their colors and drop their leaves in preparation for winter, days become shorter, and temperatures drop. Flocks of birds depart for warmer climates, and Polish fields are busy with harvest. At the very end of Fall, Poland marks one of the most significant and solemn religious holidays, All Saint’s Day. On that day, Poles visit cemeteries and gather around their family graves, laying flowers and lighting candles in memory of their loved ones. Interestingly, the concept of Halloween, with its costumes and scary decorations, also made its way to Poland. However, a particular moment in the season is spectacular, and visiting Poland around that time will provide many unforgettable memories.

The Golden Polish Autumn is just but a brief period between the end of September and the beginning of October. While it lasts, it turns Poland into a stirring and sensational mélange of colors, breathtaking vistas, and seasonal flavors. It is the time when nature is at its most elegant and alluring.
During this time, the height of the tourist season is winding down, and kids are back in school. This is the best time to venture into Polish forests, parks, Baltic beaches, and the countryside.
The Bieszczady Mountains are synonymous with hiking, exploring, and interacting with wild nature. The beech forests covering the mountainsides daze with a fantastic palette of greens, yellows, and red hues echoed by the rusty yellow of mountain pastures.

The season of falling golden leaves brings an abundance of natural treasures to Polish forests. That’s when you should visit the Tuchola Forest – Poland’s second-largest forest. Mushroom picking is a long-practiced and honored tradition in Poland. The local lakes offer solitude for those looking to fish or kick back and relax somewhere near the water. The sights of stunning heathlands and the smells of forest, lichen, and moss will be a forever reminder of autumn spent in Poland.

The Great Polish Autumn is also a splendid time for a trip to the Polish seaside. The Baltic coast is magnificent at this time of year. The crests of waves emerge nonchalantly from the sea’s surface, the sun shines in warmer tones, and sandy beaches are still warm from the heat of recent summer. Later in October, the storms are more frequent – dangerous at sea, yet also beautiful and fascinating from the beach. This is when they cause the Baltic to wash out the most amber.

The seasonal grape harvest is a perfect opportunity to visit a local vineyard. Poland may not be the “top of the mind” wine country destination. Nevertheless, the long winemaking tradition is making a tremendous comeback. Polish wineries from the Lubusz and West Pomerania regions, through Lower Silesia, Małopolska, and Świętokrzyskie, all the way to the Podlasie, Lublin, and Podkarpacie regions are making quality wines. Polish wines quickly make a name for themselves and surprise in tastings against rivals with much richer winemaking traditions. Local winemakers are very welcoming and happy to share the genuine Polish hospitality and passion for cultivating grapes and making delicious wines.

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